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Read Alabama Supreme Court’s frozen embryo ruling: IVF in doubt if life begins ‘at conception’

An Alabama Supreme Court decision that gives fertilized eggs the same legal status as children is already influencing people seeking fertility treatment – and could have even broader impacts on hopeful parents and doctors.

In the main opinion, Associate Justice Jay Mitchell writes that Alabama has long held that unborn children are “children” under Alabama’s Wrongful Death of a Minor Act. Now, this ruling will extend to in vitro fertilization treatments, and starts the legal definition of a human life, and a child, at conception.


IVF, the process of fertilizing eggs outside the body and then transferring embryos to the womb, accounts for 2% of births in the United States, according to Resolve, a national organization that supports fertility treatments.

The case involves complaints against a Mobile medical center, where embryos stored at a cryogenic nursery were accidentally dropped and destroyed.

Much drama de jour going on around the interwebs about how, as this article says, IVF is in danger, birth control is in danger, abortion is in danger.

In the specific case, the ruling makes sense.  Extrapolated out (as lawyers and non-lawyers like to do) it will get very ugly, very fast. 
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