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Mexico gives account of violence after 'Chapo' son nabbed



--- Quote ---The operation to detain Ovidio Guzman, the son of imprisoned drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, unleashed firefights that turned the northern city of Culiacan into a war zone with 30 dead

The Mexican administration bagged the high-profile cartel figure days before hosting U.S. President Joe Biden.

Samuel González, who founded Mexico’s special prosecutor’s office for organized crime in the 1990s, said Guzmán’s capture was a “gift” ahead of Biden’s visit. The Mexican government “is working to have a calm visit,” he said.

Juan Carlos Ayala, a Culiacan resident and Sinaloa University professor who studies the sociology of drug trafficking, said Ovidio Guzmán had been an obvious target for years.

“Ovidio’s fate had been decided. Moreover, he was identified as the biggest trafficker of fentanyl and the most visible Chapos leader.”

Ayala said the atmosphere was calmer Friday, “but there are still a lot of burned-out vehicles blocking the streets.”

--- End quote ---

Putting this here cause the cartels are terrorists, pure and simple, and this response from them solidifies that.  This is the first I heard of the "gift to Biden", and what little I've heard about the whole debacle, I haven't heard anything about Biden even acknowledging the capture or the violence during his heavily staged visit to a "safer" part of the boarder. 


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