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Radical DOJ Lawyer Kristen Clarke Targeted Pro-Life Dad and Other Conservatives


Mr. Houk, the pro-life Dad recently in the news and somewhere on CC (sorry, I can't find the post), managed to find himself a target of this rabid attorney whom Cruz, Hawley, Cotton, et. al. warned us about.

True to form, the Senate confirmed this jackwagon and she's raising hell in going after citizens with a different take than she has.

--- Quote --- Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), and Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) warned us about Kristen Clarke. Cruz called the radical lawyer “completely unfit to serve,” but serve she does as the Biden Administration’s chief of the civil rights division of the Department of Justice (DOJ). Her department is where equal justice now goes to die.

Clarke considers her calling in Biden’s Justice Department one of score-settling for past decisions, holding contemporaries responsible for historical injustices, and chasing ghosts of the past.

She greenlit the federal case against Mark Houck, a Pennsylvania Catholic pro-life author, whose seven children screamed for mercy for their “best friend,” their dad, as an estimated 20-25 FBI agents trained their rifles on him after beating on the family’s door at seven in the morning last Friday. According to LifeSiteNews, Houck was already aware that the Feds were after him and had offered to come in and talk with them. But gun-toting agents dragged him out and took him to a federal facility.

And it was Clarke who reached into the past and pulled out the more-than-a-year-old discredited case against Houck, whom a pro-abortion protester accused of “attacking” a man escorting abortion seekers. But that’s not how it went down. That story was such a put-up job that even Pennsylvania authorities threw out the case against Houck because it didn’t pass the smell test.

But Clarke, fueled by her upset over the Dobbs decision, which sent abortion decisions back to the states, reached back, shook off the dust from the Houck case, and sought to find a crime to fit the man. She found it in the 1994 so-called FACE Act.

“The Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act of 1994 (FACE)…prohibits the use or threat of force and physical obstruction that injures, intimidates, or interferes with a person seeking to obtain or provide reproductive health services or to exercise the First Amendment right of religious freedom at a place of religious worship,” according to the DOJ website.

The end game of the FACE act is financially ruining the perp and locking him up in one of Merrick Garland’s political gulags.

“The DOJ said that Houck could face “up to a maximum of 11 years in prison, three years of supervised release, and fines of up to $350,000” if he is convicted of the alleged offenses,” according to Trib24/7.

The case is meant to chill free speech by conservatives who oppose abortion and just about any other issue. And here was his crime: in October 2021, Houck was legally praying and standing by to counsel women outside abortion clinics with his 12-year-old son. Both were exercising their free speech rights, as were the pro-abortion activists. But an abortion escort wouldn’t leave his son alone.

“The pro-life leader’s wife Ryan-Marie told LifeSiteNews on Friday the abortion facility worker had been harassing their 12-year-old son by using vulgar language and getting into the boy’s ‘personal space,’ and that Houck had shoved him away to protect his son.”

“’He didn’t have any injuries or anything, but he tried to sue Mark,’ Ryan-Marie said, adding that the case was thrown out of court in the summer.”

And the harassment of Houck and his son wasn’t new, according to Trib24/7:

--- Quote ---On several occasions when Mark Houck went to sidewalk counsel last year, he took his eldest son, who was only 12 at the time, she explained. For “weeks and weeks,” a “pro-abortion protester” would speak to the boy saying “crude … inappropriate and disgusting things,” such as “you’re dad’s a fag,” and other statements that were too vulgar for her to convey.

Repeatedly, Mark Houck would tell the man that he did not have permission to speak to his son and please refrain from doing so. And “he kept doing it and kind of came into [the son’s] personal space” obscenely ridiculing his father. At this point, “Mark shoved him away from his child, and the guy fell back.”

--- End quote ---
In addition to “sidewalk counseling,” Houck founded a ministry called The King’s Men, which helps men heal from their pornography addictions. Clearly, he’s a menace to Leftist society.

And that’s why Clarke is after him and others, conducting “actions in more than a dozen states” and digging around in “investigations in other states” for these crimes. I’m a law and order person, but let’s call this what it is: “padding the file.” And it’s reminiscent of what we’ve seen in the January 6 prosecutions by Clarke and Garland.

According to an FBI whistleblower, “The Washington, D.C. field office is ‘manipulating’ FBI case management protocol and farming out J6 cases to field offices across the country to create the false impression that right-wing domestic violence is a widespread national problem that goes far beyond the ‘black swan’ event of Jan. 6, 2021.”

Who’s cheerleading the investigation into these “white nationalists”? Kristen Clarke.


“Kristen Clarke is one of the most radical nominees ever put forward for any position in the federal government,” intoned a serious Cruz in remarks before his Senate colleagues. “I believe appointees to the Department of Justice should have a demonstrated record of fidelity to the law, impartiality, and the ability to defend the law. Kristen Clarke does not,” he said.

In a department headed over the years by the likes of Merrick Garland and Eric Holder, that’s saying something.

“Let me be clear: Kristen Clarke is completely unfit to serve as Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division,” warned the Texas senator. “Not only has she made her disgust for law enforcement clear by her repeated calls to defund the police, she has a history of not only excusing, but celebrating criminals who have murdered police officers. What are police officers across the country supposed to think about Democrats elevating someone to a senior position at the Department of Justice knowing that she has celebrated a brutal cop killer?”

Though at her confirmation hearing she claimed she didn’t believe in defunding police, she did. If you feel uncharitable, you could make a case for blaming the legal Leftist activist and now civil rights director of the DOJ for the bodies piling up in major American cities. Some civil rights matter more than others.

Clarke’s leadership at the very far-left Lawyers’ Committee and the New York Attorney General’s office saw the Harvard and Columbia Law grad take the side of black perpetrators always. Except for Enrique Tarrio, the Hispanic leader of the Proud Boys, whom she derided as a “white nationalist.”

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While Leftist Antifa terrorists and Black Lives Matter grifters held major cities throughout the country hostage in 2020, including D.C. Their rioters literally burned a church, in addition to the other mayhem, violence, and terror they caused.

Tarrio and the Proud Boys ripped a banner festooned with a Black Lives Matter logo from a churchyard. Clarke’s Lawyers’ Committee sued Tarrio and his “white nationalist” group for conducting a “violent riot.” While we don’t doubt that was troubling to the people who put up the banner at the traditionally black church, and while it certainly is not civil, it hardly rises to the level of a “violent riot.” But Clarke framed the theft as “an attack on a black church,” intentionally drawing a moral equivalence between an act of vandalism and an actual church burning by Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Remember this?

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Indeed, as the head of the Civil Rights Division, Clarke now has at her disposal the FACE Act, which also covers churches.

And she’s in charge.

A former DOJ prosecutor told me the other day, “It’s not just Merrick Garland, Victoria. There’s a boss that makes these calls before Merrick Garland ever hears of a case. Name the names.”

So let’s name her name: Kristen Clarke.
--- End quote ---

Let's see what happens to this scrunt when/if the Repubs take the Senate. My prediction -- NOTHING.

Remember how GHWB's "Justice" Department went after the Rodney Cops after the local jury found them "Not Guilty"? Same kind of thing happening here. The local police and DA decided there was no crime and didn't prosecute. The abortuary's Judas Goat sued in civil court and lost. So now LIEden's InJustice Department are acting to make process Houck's punishment.

I was mildly curious to see which Republican(s) actually voted to confirm Clarke. Answer - only one. Susan Collins (RINO - ME). The vote was 51-48. Sen. John Kennedy did not vote.

There are plenty of instances where the DOJ was used as a weapon. Barry made it an art form, with Holder and Lynch as his Boy and Girl Friday, respectively. My bet is, however, that if you were to tally each instance where the DOJ was tasked to find a crime, any crime, in response to a negative PR situation (Rodney King, using Pete's example), you'll find much more of it in a Dem mal-administration.


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