Author Topic: VIDEO: Undercover Feds Perform HILARIOUSLY Gentle Training Sessions  (Read 118 times)

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You want the absolutely EASIEST training in the world in order to make you think you are some sort of rough tough warrior? Then join the Undercover Feds Patriot Front. The main requirement is that you be so absolutely CLUELESS that you don't notice the obvious---that you are being manipulated by fed handlers. The folks conducting the laughably lightweight training sessions in this video are obviously undercover feds, including probably the Golden Retriever, but the poor shmoes being trained have no idea that they are being set up for the big fall in the upcoming October Surprise to be promoted by the Democrats and hyped by the media.

Keep a sharp eye on the poor shmoes in the ranks who obviously had no previous military experience and their fed trainers and you can see the dynamic at work. So how could anybody be so gullible as to fall for this setup? Well... remember the Michigan "kidnapping?" Plus paying the shmoes the federal minimum wage of about $600 per week plus room and board and that goes a long way to keeping the clueless from thinking out the obvious situation. And what is obvious is that with all the effort and money poured into this Patriot Front operation by the Feds and it is all but certain that they will be used for the upcoming October Surprise.

So WHY are their training sessions so incredibly gentle? Well, because the feds don't want them dropping out which they would do if their training were even slightly more rigorous. Therefore by providing the shmoes with minimal effort mostly pointless training, the gullible in the ranks can actually think they are doing something significant rather than utterly laughable training. Oh, and all these video clips come from the Patriot Front "secret" files which anybody can find with about 10 seconds of search effort.

Exit Question: Is the Golden Retriever's name "Fed?"

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Re: VIDEO: Undercover Feds Perform HILARIOUSLY Gentle Training Sessions
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In their defence, every last one of them have already been thru the crucible (note no capitalization, my cousins of Uncle Sam's Misguided Children) of FBI US-KGB basic training at Quantico, so they're already pretty much Speshul Forces...

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