Author Topic: I just found out my kid's kindergarten class is teaching Russian 40 mins per day  (Read 368 times)

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This story doesn't smell right.
I'd imagine you'd be hard- pressed to find a kindergarten class that is taught a foreign language, let alone an incredibly complicated language like Russian, LET ALONE be taught it 40 minutes of every day. Most kindergarten classes are only just starting to learn the letters of the English alphabet.

"And they loves them some Russia/Putin, still.... the Russian language and culture (which they believe to be superior: ultra-christian/anti-gay"

Man, the BS is strong with this one!
1. You'd have a hard time finding a conservative American who loves Russia/ Putin. Just because we don't buy into all your psychotic conspiracy theories about him doesn't mean we love the guy or the country.
2. Last time I checked, the typical American conservative is more interested in pushing traditional American culture than Russian culture.
3. "ultra- Christian"? Um, the DUmmies ARE aware that, back when Russia was still the Soviet Union, it launched horrifically bloody campaigns of genocide against Christians, aren't they?