Author Topic: New data show nearly one-quarter of UK COVID-19 deaths were not caused by virus  (Read 76 times)

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New data show nearly one-quarter of UK COVID-19 deaths were not caused by virus

Updated numbers from the U.K. Office for National Statistics show that 23% of registered COVID-19 deaths are people who died “with” the virus but not “from” infection. While the patients may have tested positive for COVID-19 at the time of their death, the virus itself was not the primary cause.

The news comes as COVID-19 deaths in the country have fallen sharply, with no more than 28 deaths per day recorded in a country that was once registering deaths as high as 60 per day.

The numbers seem to back up a warning last year from Dr. John Lee, a former pathology professor and NHS consultant pathologist, who called into question the way the U.K. was recording COVID-19 deaths.

I've been saying this since we kind of figured out what was going on.  The US is no different.  WE have been recording death as a COVID death whether that is what the person died of or not.  The numbers were played with on a huge scale and it was to manipulate an election.

Once all of this comes out, once all the dust settles, we're going to find out COVID is no worse, or maybe not even as bad, as a normal flu.

Just my opinion, but I'm sure we'll see in time.

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When the "2 weeks to level the curve" became a month, I knew then we were played.

And here we are more than a year later and the so-called "experts" are still in front of the f'n cameras.

STFU, Fauci. Real people don't pay attention to you anymore. You're just another political hack thinly disguised as some kind of f'n "doctor."

I'd say "doctor of dumbassery".
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