Author Topic: US Marshals arrest 141 gang members, rescue 5 missing kids in OK operation  (Read 211 times)

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US Marshals arrest 141 gang members, rescue 5 missing kids in OK operation

The U.S. Marshal Service on Thursday announced that 262 arrests were made, including 141 confirmed gang members, in an operation targeting gang-related activity in Oklahoma City, Okla.

The anti-gang campaign, known as “Operation Triple Beam,” also resulted in the discovery of five missing and endangered children, and the seizure of 72 firearms and “a significant amount of” narcotics. The two-month operation was led by the U.S. Marshals, in coordination with other federal agencies and state and local law enforcement members.

In a press conference Thursday, the U.S. Marshals announced the results of their 60-day operation, which began on July 6.

The Feds are going after criminals. Good.

According to a U.S. Marshals press release reported by Rochester First, among those arrested in the operation were 6 murder suspects, 21 assault suspects, 21 burglary suspects, 88 weapons offense suspects, and 57 drug offense suspects.

Among those arrested in the anti-gang sweep was Pablo Robledo, a gang member who previously fled Oklahoma County Detention Center while awaiting murder charges. Robledo is reportedly a known Sureños gang member. During his initial escape, Robledo reportedly broke out a window and used several bedsheets to scale the Oklahoma County Detention Center, along with Jose Hernandez, a rape suspect.

Another arrested gange suspect, Dkwon Littlejohn, was a known Rollin 60’s Crip gang member. He is accused of breaking into the vehicle of a special agent who works for the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations and stealing the agent’s service rifle from the vehicle.
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