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The DUmpster / Re: DUmmies recall a great night in history
« Last post by Delmar on Today at 08:19:24 AM »
TheShoe (7,665 posts)

Wow, cave dwelling primitives
Hide in their cave and make fun of others. That is what primitives do.

Democrat underground is where primitives go to do what they do.  Try to keep up, dummy.
The DUmpster / Re: DUmmies recall a great night in history
« Last post by franksolich on Today at 08:10:33 AM »
Oh my.

Our biggest fan over at DU Jr., the footwear guy, is advertising us:
The DUmpster / Re: DUmmies recall a great night in history
« Last post by Ralph Wiggum on Today at 07:55:17 AM »
I wish we could find the one from 2004 when the primitive "mopaul" was curled up in a ball in a corner of his bathroom for 3 days. That was great!


Ask and ye shall receive:

mopaul  Donating Member (1000+ posts)    Sat Nov-06-04 07:29 AM
For 2 whole days, I layed in the corner drooling & making weird sounds

When I awoke very early Wednesday morning, I remember making coffee and sitting down with a cup at the computer machine....then, everything turned bright white, then completely black. I felt a dull thud, and heard a sound like a pumpkin smashing against a side of beef.

Every few hours, I would drift back into lucidity, just long enough to realize I was laying in the corner of the living room with spittle running down my cheek and into a large puddle at my chin. and I could hear a weird voice off in the distance. I later realized it was my own voice, but I didn't hear words, only groans and occasional burps.

One time when I blurred back into almost consciousness, I saw my dear wife, Mrs. Paul, over at the edge of the room, but she looked like she was 20 miles away, and I remember that the sensation of time passing had vanished, and I seemed to be locked in a ripple between time and space.

I got the vague blurred impression that I was curled up in the fetal position, and I could see a dust bunny in the corner in great detail, but I knew that dust bunnies didn't talk, as this one did. It kept echoing a phrase or mantra that I couldn't quite make out...'mandate'...'exit polls'....'massive turnout'...'4 more beers, 4 more beers'.....then the silence of the grave.

Then, I began to regret that I hadn't just died, and I felt hot as hell, but shivering like a naked man in antarctica, sweating and trembling violently. I remember dear Mrs. Paul applying a wet towel to my forehead and saying sweet comforting things to me, and I remember she looked like an angel, wings and all. for a while, it looked like I might pull through.

But then, the fever dreams began, and I descended into hell, headfirst. I saw all the souls of all the disenfranchised voters in a lake of burning sulpher and I heard their terrible lamentations, and I remember wishing that I'd never been born with ears, or eyes to see their awful suffering.

Deeper, and deeper I fell into the stygian abyss, and I saw off in the distance what looked like a fiery throne, and it came into view and I could not close my offended eyes or rip them out and I saw the beast of stolen elections in all his bloody glory and I grew sore afraid.

'O Democratic God of justice, why hast thou forsaken me?' I wailed.
'Why must I look upon this horror of the ages with my mortal eyes?'

But I heard no reply to my plea, and no relief for my suffering soul, and I had no cool drink of salvation to quench my damned tongue, and no succor from my candidate.

After this I felt only blackness, cold and empty, where no shadows ever lived because no light had ever shone there. My eyes were open, as I later discovered, but I layed there like a dead man for the last hours of thursday night, stinking, burping, and generally bringing shame to my entire family.

Slowly, I began to recover from my affliction, my eyes cleared and my head too, but it still felt like spiders had built webs in there.
I found the strength to make a pot of joe, and lurched back over to the computer machine. I stared at it for about two hours, motionless, finally grabbing the mouse and braced myself and faced the music. I started to comfort myself, and forget the awful ordeal I'd just been through and the portentous visions I'd had.

And now, I'm gradually regaining my strength and composure, I've showered, put on clean clothes and burned the old ones, and apologized to my wife and my neighbors in the apt. above me.

That's my story, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who's been down this same road of despair and redemption, and in that, I find solace and strength. Two days lost forever. Two whole days of my life taken, never to be redeemed. Two days of hell, to steel me on my quest for a satisfying election night. Someday, my prince, or princess will come
The DUmpster / Re: DUmmies recall a great night in history
« Last post by Delmar on Today at 07:52:01 AM »
Response to kentuck (Original post)Sat Aug 18, 2018, 07:41 PM
Star Member NRaleighLiberal (46,265 posts)
8. My wife and I felt it driving home from watching the returns at a friend's house.

We KNEW - right then and there - the election was stolen - hacked - and we were in a different dimension of reality in the US.
Response to NRaleighLiberal (Reply #8)Sat Aug 18, 2018, 07:47 PM
Star Member kentuck (88,130 posts)
9. That is the most difficult thing to try and understand...

...the alternate reality - a different dimension. How could they rationalize in such a way? Even if their stories never matched reality or simple facts, they could find a way to rationalize in their own minds to make it acceptable and "truthful". Not only was it delusional, it was deceitful delusion. They deceived themselves.
Who are they?  What the hell is this shitgibbon babbling about?
The DUmpster / Re: DUmmies recall a great night in history
« Last post by USA4ME on Today at 06:25:03 AM »
I wish we could find the one from 2004 when the primitive "mopaul" was curled up in a ball in a corner of his bathroom for 3 days. That was great!

James Clapper is a complete moron -- even his name reminds me of a clod of brass hitting the inside of a bell.

I'm reminded of this interview with Diane Sawyer:
The DUmpster / Re: DUmmies recall a great night in history
« Last post by Patriot Guard Rider on Today at 04:54:12 AM »
I remember that night well.

I don't do television, and so I was "watching" the returns on the New York Times web-site.

In case one doesn't remember, this was when conservativecave was having loading "issues," and it took too much time and trouble to try to read this site.  (Our good friend miskie took care of it about a day and a half later.)

The numbers looked better than I thought they should, but still not enough to beat Messalina Agrippina.

About the time Michigan was coming in, with Pennsylvania and Wisconsin still out, it was late, I was tired, and so decided to hit the sack, figuring that Messalina Agrippina had won anyway.

But just before shutting down, I thought I'd check to see how freerepublic was taking the loss.

Much to my startlement, they were celebrating, not mourning.

It was obvious the New York Times was playing mind-games with readers, posting Messalina Agrippina's numbers as they were tallied, and waiting an abominably long time to post any of Trump's numbers; also calling states for her immediately, but waiting a very long time before declaring a state for Trump.

I remember that night. I was watching dummieland and when it was becoming clear hitlary von pantsuit wasn't doing well, the russians hacked the site (yea, right). I went to bed cautiously optimistic and was pleasently surprised in the morning. A great day it was.
The DUmpster / Re: DUmmies recall a great night in history
« Last post by Carl on Today at 04:52:22 AM »
Yet these mentally fragile infants think they should be in charge.
They hate Donald Trump, with their entire beings. The only thing that might stop their obsessing about the 2016 election is if Trump wins again in 2020 ... which will become their new obsession.

I honestly don't think it's Trump they hate.

Sure, he isn't one of them but that only amplifies the hate that is already there.

What is really driving them over the edge is the loss of power.

A 3rd Obama term was supposed to solidify their power for all time. Now, they not only lost that chance for at least a generation, everything they already built is being dismantled and disproven.

This is an existential catastrophe for their worldview. Trump is merely the face of it.
I refuse to compromise with people who concoct vile lies about us to justify their hatred and megalomania.
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