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GOP dirty tricks? 15,000 Haitian refugees

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GOP dirty tricks? 15,000 Haitian refugees at the same TX border location at the same time!

--- Quote ---ALT-immigration 🛂
1- almost all Haitians at the border originated from Brazil.
2- Haitian community between Brazil and Mexico shared a detailed route map to get to juarez starting June on WhatsApp & FB
3- arrival was sudden & organized
3- Jason Miller was in Brazil.
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--- Quote ---They all lived in Brazil.
They were directed to WhatsApp for the trail to that very bridge.
I wonder who organized it about a week before they all landed there?
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yes... the border crisis is a GOP generated false flag...


--- Quote ---Quakerfriend (3,879 posts)

1. I smelled something fishy the moment the first pics appeared on the news.

There were reports from Mexico of ‘bus loads’ passing through …..
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--- Quote ---Star Member Frustratedlady (15,461 posts)

2. I keep thinking my hidden suspicions on this subject should be wrong, but...

with the dirty tricks Republicans have pulled, it crossed my mind early on that they might have set up this explosion at the border out of spite. We know they are capable...just need to opportunity to pull it off and keep their hands clean.
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--- Quote ---Star Member IronLionZion (34,798 posts)

3. It also seems like a long convoluted inefficient journey to go from Haiti to Brazil and then up through Mexico to arrive at a strongly protected border. Going by boat to Florida might be easier.
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--- Quote ---Star Member malaise (235,803 posts)

5. It was timed for the UN General Assembly as well

That rat was obvious from day one - I even asked about sabotage
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--- Quote ---Star Member Tanuki (13,053 posts)

8. I don't think it's true that "almost all" originated in Brazil. From what I've read,

a large number had been living in Chile. They relocated there after the earthquake but faced poor employment and discrimination. This article from last year sheds some light on the situation of Haitians in Chile:

..."Originally enticed to move to Chile by reports of endless job opportunities, once there, “employers abuse and underpay them. Landlords crowd them into overpriced, closet-sized rooms. Scam artists try to sell them work contracts that could put them on the wrong side of the law.” These fake work contracts caused some Haitians to lose their work visas. The closet-sized rooms often have no running water and a single bathroom shared with up to 15 residents. There are even reports of some Haitians forced to sleep in stables.

It is less about their immigrant status, but rather their skin color and the perception of their home country which causes many Haitians in Chile to experience isolation, mistreatment and mockery. Haitians reported that Venezuelan and other Spanish-speaking migrants receive better treatment and have more opportunities for jobs. Misleading information and stereotypes portray Haitians, many of whom came to Chile speaking only Creole, as poor, dirty and low-skilled. Although some Haitians are immigrating with an advanced degree, Chile has been slow to officially recognize foreign degrees."...(more)
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--- Quote ---Star Member Tommymac (4,836 posts)

9. BINGO! I posted my suspicions earlier in the week about this.

It was done intentionally.

The Q's have done this before.
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Yes... somehow Q-anon has tricked 15k Haitians to go to Texas to make Boden look bad...  :whatever:

--- Quote ---Star Member Botany (61,154 posts)

11. Malcom Nance was on Stephaine Miller's show just 2 days ago saying the same thing that all those ...

... Haitians showing up on the Texas Mexico border did not pass his smell test.
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--- Quote ---Star Member 2naSalit (52,013 posts)

13. I have no doubt that this is the case.

Or something just like that took place.

All tfg's henchmen need to be rounded up and detained until their trials.
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--- Quote ---Star Member brooklynite (72,766 posts)

18. Creating a NEW conspiracy theory is a refreshing change from the old ones...

Am I to also assume that the Republicans conspired with the ICE agents to beat them up?
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 :rotf: :rotf: :rotf: :rotf: :rotf: :rotf: :rotf: :rotf: :rotf: :rotf:

--- Quote ---Ohioboy (1,951 posts)

19. Would not put it past them

The GOP loves chaos on the border.

They are the ones that promote the false idea that the border is wide open.

This has "GOP dirty trick" all over it. Karl Rove would be proud.
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--- Quote ---Champp (1,409 posts)

22. Skuzzbucket Republican evil tricks

So typical. So wrong. So anti-American. So Republican.
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--- Quote ---Star Member Chakaconcarne (1,445 posts)

25. Same with the last border crisis during the last admin
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SSG Snuggle Bunny:
A wall would frustrate these GOP rapscallions!

So, how do DUmmies think those thousands of Haitians got here? :rotf: By swimming from Haiti? :rotf:

Of course they had been living in South American countries prior to trying to enter the US illegally! They aren't asylum-seeking refugees - in reality, not in Prog false fantasies - they're economic migrants.

Yeah, republicans probably staged the "whip" incident to make Border Patrol look bad too.  :whatever:

The Biden administration can't seem to do anything competently. Why would the border be any different?

old dog 2:
This is what you get when you shut down the nation's insane asylums. 


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