Author Topic: Looking for thoughtful responses re Chauvin trial: How do you think it is going?  (Read 211 times)

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Looking for thoughtful responses re Chauvin trial: How do you think it is going?

I think the state has done a good job. I think the defense is doing the best they can with very little with which to work.

Chauvin taking the fifth, I think, is seen widely as indicative of guilt even though, legally, it should not.

There's no telling what a jury will do and people are paid great sums to help predict where any single jury will go. With that, I am leaning to conviction of the more serious charges and serious jail time. In part, this is because things are changing and because the video of Chauvin doing what he did is so powerful all on its own.


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1. Kind of sounds like the defense is asking for a mistrial

Something about the prosecution coming close to bringing in some lab results that the judge said can not be admitted.

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3. Prosecution screwed up not giving defense specific lab results on carbon monoxide levels.

Prosecution wanted to admit the results in rebuttal case, judge said he can't refer to the lab results.

I think this issue is a total red being by defense. Doesn't matter if carbon monoxide was a contributing factor because Chauvin is the one who put Floyd in the position to breathe exhaust fumes.

Plus, if the fumes were so bad Chauvin would have been hearing them in also.

That's reason for a mistrial right there.

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6. the Defense team

is really reaching to let him off or mistrial. We all saw Chauvin kill a human being.

No- you didn't. According to the law you have to have facts, Not emotion, to find anyone guilty of a crime.

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2. I think drawn out deliberations (beyond a couple of days) is likely bad for prosecution.

That said, I think the evidence is overwhelming and well presented. I think Chauven is very unlikeable--even without testifying Pleading the fifth will only confirm the impression among those already predisposed to convict. But their feelings and opinion of the case from the evidence may well be strong enough to convince any reluctant to convict.


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8. I think jurors who began the trial with an open mind about the case will vote to convict.

The problem is that many people will not accept that a policeman answering a call can commit a crime. I see the charges being against a policeman as the wildcard in this.


Johnny2X2X (10,462 posts)

12. I think jury selection for something this public is a farce

Everyone had seen the video, the video shows clear as day a murder occurring. So you have seated jurors that only got seated because they can see a clear murder on their screen and say they aren't sure about it.

That being said, this is an easy case and the prosecution made a great case.

 :whatever: They should just string the guilty man up in the street, you think?

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9. I think the prosecution has a stronger case

And will get a conviction.

I don't think the jury will buy the sudden-but-totally-unrelated-heart-stoppage defense. That is enough for a manslaughter conviction.

2nd degree murder requires the jury to believe there was an intent to kill. I am not nearly as confident the entire jury will see it that way, so it would be a mild surprise if they convict on that charge.

The 3rd degree being reinstated gives the jury another opportunity. They can consider that Chauvin was trying to intentionally injure Mr Floyd and death resulted, though not intended. I see this as much easier to convince the jury and expect they will vote guilty.

Whatever guilty verdict(s) ate handed down there will undoubtedly be an appeal.

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13. Guilty until proven Innocent?

1) Every guilty sumbitch that Project Innocence has helped free had tons of evidence that convicted them.
2) Every guilty sumbitch deserves the absolutely best defense that he can get.
3) We are Americans who believe in the " Code of the West " - Give 'em a fair trial, then hang 'em!
4) A jury, if properly selected, will usually arrive a justice.
5) When Aaron Burr was tried for treason ( conviction requires confession in open court or 2 witnesses
to an overt act) he wouldn't confess and the government could only find one witness to any act.
Justice Marshall asked the prosecutor, " Is that all you have ?" When told yes, Marshall gave the case
to the jury. They came back with a verdict that read- " Not Guilty - based on the evidence we were
allowed to consider."
6) If every guilty sumbitch doesn't get a fair trial with the best Defense possible, then none of us will.


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14. I have no clue whatsoever what your point is.

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18. Chauvin is a cold blooded murderer, and so is George Zimmerman.

Our justice system frequently fails, especially for black people.

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17. Even if Floyd needed restraint, Chauvin spent roughly 9 minutes too long crushing his neck.

No chance Chauvin is acquitted. Small chance some rube hangs jury.

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And there you have it, a bunch of posters who clearly didn't pay much attention to the trial, or don't care whether they're right or wrong. Some of them still think Chauvin was on Floyd's neck for nine minutes?  :thatsright:

An astute observer would have noticed the following:

-The judge was quite generous to the prosecution, although I'm sure the "convict" crowd would say otherwise.

-The prosecution has not been consistent about their hypothesis of how Floyd died. They initially claimed it was a blood choke, and later claimed that the compression prevented Floyd from breathing. For those who are ignorant of basic anatomy, those are two different things, and the former was absurd on its face.

-The jury still may convict anyway, thanks to pre-existing bias, not to mention terroristic threats of violence if they don't convict.

-The prosecution did a good job... except when they didn't, such as all those times when their own witnesses humiliated them.

As for Chauvin not testifying, it crossed my mind that perhaps he should, but I could see how it is risky, as one can't be sure how the jury would view his testimony or how the prosecution might spin it.
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Dummies seem to think that a mistrial means Chauvin gets off.  A mistrial is not an acquittal and chances are that Chauvin would be retried.

All Nelson (Chauvin's atty) needs is for one juror to find reasonable doubt and stick with it since jury unanimity is required for a conviction in MN.

My personal opinion is that Nelson did a decent job of introducing reasonable doubt but my GUESS is that Chauvin will get Second Degree Manslaughter.

One can never predict what a jury will do however.

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Quote from:
Stinky The Clown

Looking for thoughtful responses re Chauvin trial:

Then you’re at the wrong site for that, Mike.

Then again, you’re dumber than a bag of hammers yourself.

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Then you’re at the wrong site for that, Mike.

Then again, you’re dumber than a bag of hammers yourself.

I think the sparkling old dude, consciously or unconsciously, is competing with Minnesota Moses and kentuck to be seen as the wise old guru and wisdom-dispenser of Skins' island.
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Then you’re at the wrong site for that, Mike.

Then again, you’re dumber than a bag of hammers yourself.



Hammers are useful.
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The fact that the primitive is asking this question at all shows that it has doubts and doesn't believe its going well at all.
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20. absolute bullshit. the cave is unspeakably vile.

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