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Bring back the old style gas cans

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Something everyone should agree on -Bring back the old style gas cans!  :mad:

Or at least the old style pour spouts! :thatsright:

Well ... Someone did! :yahoo:

--- Quote ---The old style gasoline cans with the separate spout and vent worked fine.

You could fill your lawnmower without spilling a drop.

About ten years ago, the EPA mandated the new "environmentally friendly" gas cans.
It is almost impossible to fill your lawnmower using these without spilling gasoline everywhere, including on the hot engine.

I'll bet the new rule came from someone who never even cut their own lawn.
How does spilling gasoline all over help the environment, your safety and your wallet?
Bring back the old style cans!

--- End quote ---

It's a shame that videos no longer show in this forum!

I buy these;


**** plastic and the EPA.

I buy and use steel.


--- Quote from: Eupher on May 03, 2018, 06:11:57 AM ---**** plastic and the EPA.

I buy and use steel.

--- End quote ---

Hey, those plastic cans like I've shown above, are really nice.  6 gal. and the very flexible hose is great.  I carry them in the back of my Ranger when we're out playing in the woods.  I've only got 3 of them right now, but I'm going to get about 3 more.


DumbAss Tanker:
Yeah, the newer ones blow.  They have a stupid stopper switch that you have to try to hold back while pouring, it doesn't work very well and it's awkward as hell to try to hold it back and pour.  Hate it.


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