Author Topic: "If you don't testify, you don't go home. We have a cell reserved fo you."  (Read 431 times)

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Atticus (6,360 posts)

I'm sorry, but some apparently need to hear this in VERY simple terms:
no witness, whether just asked to appear or subpoenaed, still within reach of Trump's maniacal threats, is ever going to appear to testify before Congress UNLESS they can be physically grabbed by the scruff of the neck, cuffed if necessary and their asses dragged into the hearing room where the first thing the will be told is "If you don't testify, you don't go home. We have a cell reserved fo you."

Anything short of the above is simply checking the boxes so we can say we tried and that IS worthwhile. I sincerely hope I am wrong, but I believe we will be voting on several Artticles of Impeachment based largely on "adverse inferences".


tavalon (27,934 posts)

2. How about Obstruction of Justice

And anyone, with a year or two of law school can make the Ukraine case. It is rock solid without any of Trumps lackeys going to testify. We have three whistleblowers now, two unnamed and Trump. He, also, as the sitting President, asked, in front of any human who cares to notice, China to give him an "in kind" campaign contribution by investigating Biden.

it's time to bring Articles of Impeachment. Schiff knows this. Pelosi, bless her heart, knows this. This is what they need to do. Now.

TidalWave46 (494 posts)

4. We have had lawyers in court all morning working to get document.

This is going on right now.

We will end up having to go to court to get people to testify, as well.

With the amount of leaks we are seeing this is a very good thing.

Few things are as damaging in politics as a drawn out scandal that has breaking news on a regular basis.

This is the only tactic Trump has. It is the worst spot a politician and political party could be in.

If things keep breaking I wouldn't be surprised if the Turtle has a talk with Pelosi and tells her what charges to bring, to stop the investigations, and he will deliver her 20 + votes in the Senate. Dragging this out does not help a majority of the Republican caucus and other Republicans are going to be brought into the scandal.

gab13by13 (70 posts)

6. Dragging this out does not help Democrats,

elections begin in February.

This is why Speaker Pelosi is limiting the impeachment charges to 2 or 3 charges. The whistle blowers will certainly appear to give testimony for Trump's abuse of power, and all of the refusals to produce documents and ignoring subpoenas will be used as proof of obstruction of Congress.

Trump will implode if he is impeached, no matter on how many charges.

You can't bring charges of impeachment if you haven't had a vote on impeachment... it's not how the law works.

getagrip_already (2,813 posts)

7. It won't matter how solid evidence is to some....

The Senate won't have to vote on them anyway. By the carpet bombing they are doing in hop media outlets, the turtle is planning to simply vote to dismis/table the articles with a simple majority, maybe even in committee which will only take 17 votes.

No trial, just dies with a tweet. Oh the horror - Susan Collins will be so troubled.

Our only hope will be cheeseburgers or time. If we survive, it is going to get much worse once he gets this behind him.

MyMission (127 posts)

9. Can Congress issue bench warrant for failure to appear

And then lock them up?

Star Member ancianita (11,331 posts)

12. That's exactly the kind of enforcement the House has. Why doesn't it use it? Are they serious about

The People's business?

HelpImSurrounded (74 posts)

27. Is this not one of the functions of the U.S. Marshall Service??

People who refuse subpoenas DO get "physically grabbed by the scruff of the neck, cuffed if necessary and their asses dragged into the hearing room". In state courts it's the local sheriff. For federal jurisdiction it's the Marshalls.

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31. Where is this cell that is reserved? They got rid of the Congressional jail decades ago.

They put a Supreme Court building on that land.

warmfeet (937 posts)

48. I will say, very plainly, that if we do not succeed it is the end of this county as a democracy. This is it. End of the line. I hope everyone here is all in, because everything you know and care about is on that line. Impeach, then convict, then remove from office - then prosecute via normal judicial practices. Anything less, including defeat in the next election, will result in the end of the rule of law. Some may characterize this as hyperbole, I only wish it was.

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warmfeet (937 posts)

48. I will say, very plainly, that if we do not succeed it is the end of this county as a democracy.
It was never a democracy, it is and has always been a Constitutional Republic.  :bird:
The policies that are indorsed by this party, that they backer of which are much of the 1 percent, causes a social structure much like the one back before the Revolution.

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Bring it, Progs!

Facts don't matter to DUpipo

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You DUmbasses, there have been ZERO subpoenas issued. ZILCH, none, nada,...

What the donkeycrats have sent out are letters that have no legal standing.

They did that to fool the fools on the left.  by your idiotic thread and responses they have succeeded.
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