Author Topic: OK, Nancy. It is time to start arresting people  (Read 461 times)

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OK, Nancy. It is time to start arresting people
« on: October 08, 2019, 09:14:33 PM »
Star Member scheming daemons (24,403 posts)

OK, Nancy. It is time to start arresting people for contempt.
The trump administration has just sent a letter saying that they are going to violate the Constitution and ignore congressional subpoenas.

Inherent contempt must be charged against everyone who refuses to appear, and they must be thrown in jail.

Do not wait for the courts. If we don't enforce our subpoenas now they will never be worth the paper they're printed on.


Star Member samnsara (9,223 posts)

2. the arsewipes will arrest HRC the next chance they get.. Im all for 10K day fines...

Let's just do away with the judicial system all together... It'll be easier for nancy.

Jarqui (5,997 posts)

7. Imagine Giuliani and Barr being taken away in cuffs ...

... one can dream ...

Celerity (5,505 posts)

38. BARR MOST OF ALL, **** Rudy, he is small beer compared to that ****ing traitor Barr

By all means, clap Rudy in irons too, but BARR needs to locked the **** up. Rump will go BONKERS.

Star Member defacto7 (11,852 posts)

14. Just for the argument...

What if Pelosi knows that the GOP plan is to overthrow the government, that they want the Dems to make a move like putting people in jail or something extreme so tRump can claim a coup basically projecting their own intent on the Dems. tRump, the administration and the GOP senate call in enforcements, annul the constitution and put Pelosi and Dem house members under arrest. A new government would be in control and there's not much anyone could do about it. In such a case should they still enforce the non-compliance through force?

Just for argument sake...


Mr.Bill (7,169 posts)

17. How about if Trump starts arresting Democratic congressional leaders?

He's already accused them of treason, and Barr would do it.


Star Member GulfCoast66 (7,755 posts)

20. My question is who would do it?

The DOJ has all the federal law enforcement folks.

And all the federal jails. Without DOJ cooperation where would the arrested folks be kept assuming there is someone to arrest them?

Same with fines. Who is going to enforce/collect them? Maybe I’m missing something.

Yeah, I know it was done like 100 years ago. But can’t see how that works now.

yaesu (2,160 posts)

29. In the last 40 year the fascist have gained control of 2/3rds of the states, 70% of the Federal

courts, 100% of the justice department and control 2/3rd s of the Federal government. What I'm saying is they can do ANYTHING they want and get away with it.


warmfeet (939 posts)

47. Throw them in jail.

Accountability does not work unless you hold someone to account for their actions. Jail time is warranted for explicit contempt for the law.

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Re: OK, Nancy. It is time to start arresting people
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2019, 09:54:13 PM »
And arrest Kavanaugh...and Limbaugh and Hannity...round em all up because Orange Man Bad!!! :panic: :panic: :panic:
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Re: OK, Nancy. It is time to start arresting people
« Reply #2 on: October 09, 2019, 08:29:21 AM »
Not all impotence is sexual, DU-males' experience notwithstanding, :evil: . :tongue:

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Re: OK, Nancy. It is time to start arresting people
« Reply #3 on: October 09, 2019, 12:13:07 PM »
Except the demofascists have not issued subpoenas.  They have sent letters and, get this, lied abot those worthless and illegal letters to be subpoenas.

Nanzi Palsi can do nothing. She let the super crazy fascists paint her into the corner and there is no way out for her. Palsi versus Trump is major league versus kindergarten. It is not even a contest.
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