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Radical homemakers reclaim the simple life



--- Quote ---An inspirational, grassroots movement is afoot in the Bay Area (yes, another one), and it's going to make the world a better place. No, really. Granted, this region has sprouted its fair share of grassroots movements; however, this particular crusade - dubbed radical homemaking by New York writer and pioneering radical homemaker Shannon Hayes - seems particularly well suited to our socially responsible, food-obsessed, eco-zealous neck of the woods.

In her recent book, "Radical Homemakers" (Left to Write Press; $23.95), Hayes, 36, makes a deeply personal and well-supported case - to be expected from someone who holds a doctorate in sustainable agriculture and community development from Cornell University - for shunning consumer culture in favor of a life of complete and utter domesticity. ...
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Finally, a use for a doctorate in community development.  :-)


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