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Long-term rifle storage

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DumbAss Tanker:
If it's a pistol, get a Pelican case or equivalent to keep it in, do not assume the manufacturer's case will protect it at all.

As far as long arms go, there are...reasons...for such questions, particularly where particular types of weapons are concerned.

PVC pipe big enough to fit something like an AK would have to be an 8" inside diameter. I measured my L1A1 for such storage potential and the home vacuum sealer bags(rolls) aren't big enough for it. MY SLR95 MIGHT fit into the home size.

--- Quote from: Chris on February 16, 2010, 04:03:03 PM ---I was wondering if it was feasible option.  Some states aren't as permissive at TX.  If I want to keep a rifle/handgun in my car in TN, the bolt has to be open at all times, and the ammunition has be kept separate from the rifle.

--- End quote ---

That's a standard transportation law, fairly common throughout the US. When I was up in MN, I had to do the same until I obtained my carry permit.

I've used a food sealer on handguns that went into long term storage. thourough coat of oil and they came out after two years in wildly varying temps pristine.  I also have some friends that prepared a cache on their property with Mosin Nagants (and ammo) lubed up, shrink wrapped w. the food sealer and buried in capped and sealed PVC pipe. They dug one up after 4 years buried and it was pretty as a picture.


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