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My Survivalist Game Plan

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Vesta, This would be the time to research your aquifers in your area.
But in the desert:
look in valleys and low area
at foot of concave banks of dry river beds
at foot of cliffs
look for green vegetation,as as cottonwood along dried beds. cottonwoods drink a lot of water
Or look for agave plants and barrel catus

An about the dowsing, my dad use to dows for water on a farm we had in Denton. Also that's what he use to find water on the farm he has now.I myself have used dowsing to find water and septic lines.I also want dowsing for health.

I have used the willows,but at present I have the steel rods.As to how they work,I not sure. Some say electromagnetic or Vortex possibilities.

But I do know they work.I found some links on "you tube" but my computer is acting flaky.Thor has the parts ordered.Just a matter of time.The one I liked was through video.

To me plant knowledge is vital for survival. That way you don't have to depend on man less. You can dip farther in.


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