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The monkey & the football

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Aaron Burr:
The scenario: You're at work when the monkey starts humpin' the football. What essentials items do you have in your cubicle or office or job site that will get you safely home, or to the predetermined hunker down spot of choice.

Would you travel alone or with others?

And no cheating because the football humpin' monkey is so big it's clogged all the roads with traffic. No backpack (unless you really keep one in the cubicle or office) so what could you fit in your pockets or carry in your hands to ensure your survival from point A to point B? It's a 72 hour scenario with a hot bath and some soup in a mug waiting for you at the end.

For the LOVE OF PETE!  Do I have to WALK home???

With that being said, I have a 20 mile commute, passing by houses of my buddies, and I would stop in, for whatever I needed in a real scenario, but, for the sake of it, I will pretend I can't get there.

My letter opener.  
The snack bars in my drawer.
Bandaids and antibacterial ointment from the first aid box.
I keep a knife in my purse, so I will already have that, and if I get to stop by the car I can't drive, I would also get my tire iron, and pepper spray.

edited to add a few bottles of water, and a coke.  (not sure why about the coke, but we have em, so why not?)

(I have an office gig, I don't know what else I could rip from my cube.)

The Village Idiot:

--- Quote from: IassaFTots on January 07, 2010, 09:43:28 PM ---

--- End quote ---

It would be very convenient to have an M-4 and a bag of rations at the office I guess. lol.

I can get a rifle and mre's  and anything I need, about 4 miles away, and that is where I would go, but I took that out of the equation to answer the question how it was written.

Aaron Burr:
No,no, any answer works. I just figured I'd try to make it as real as possible. You're at work, or stuck in traffic. I hadn't thought that friends might live along the commute home. If something like an EMP pulse whacked us, then cars and electricity wouldn't work. Gas pumps, money boxes etc,etc. So it's walking or mugging a Jr. High kid for his lowrider bicycle.

I figured most people don't go walking around with gas masks and jungle knives to work so it stands to reason that just getting home would be the first major obstacle. Well, not for me as I work from home, don't watch cable and only have one A.M. station. I might hear about Armageddon between local High School football scores but I'm not really sure I'd notice anything was amiss until the local Chinese restaurant closed down. (Ain't never gonna' happen, they've survived two fires, a flood and the Alien Exclusion Act).

But if I worked out of town I'd grab my lighter, my baseball hat and the anti acid tablets and start heading home. I'd carry an empty bottle, a rag and piece of broken glass. Along the way I'd find some charcoal (easy enough out here) for water filtration and use the rag to protect the back of my neck (for starters) and to aid in the water filtration. Food would be the bag of fritos I know I've always had somewhere around the office. The high fat content in one of those little bags will keep you going for about a day. After that it's anti acid tablets to keep the hunger down and whatever bugs and grubs I can dig up. Maybe some cactus goop. No fires. That's a "come rob me" signal for miles around. Up with the sun and hunkered down by 3:30 using the rag and glass to dig out a hole that will be covered with brush. Parallel to the main routes of travel but not near them.

I don't know what people would do if they were stuck in an office park, surrounded by suburbia and over 20 miles from home. Wow! Talk about running the gauntlet.


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