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What do you have in that bag.

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Bug-out bags and boxes. What you have and what you want.

Truth be told my bugout boxes are the same as my long range camping / bush boxes. The lot can be loaded onto my pickup in a matter of minutes.

There is a "camp box" which contains most of the fundamentals of the campsite and kitchen for a group of 2-4 people.

There is a personal box which contains the personal gear for both people travelling in the vehicle, including ammunition.

Last is the toolbox - which has obviously tools and recovery equipment in it.

The "camp box" contains :

Shelter :
   16 heavy tent pegs (1/2"X18") , 8 double ended tentropes , 1lb lump hammer
   8 Telescopic Square poles (5' closed - 9' open) 1" section.
   2 X 100feet 1/2" poly rope
   30'X30' heavy poly tarpaulin
   10'X15' heavy poly tarpaulin
   30X30 heavy plastic groundsheet
   Single Queen bed size mosquito netting
   2 "man" tent.

Kitchen :
   2 X plastic chopping board.
   Long BBQ spatula, Long BBQ tongs, Short Serving tongs
   6 X sets eating utensils - S/S (meat knife , fork , spoon ), 3 Teaspoons , serving spoon , potato masher
   Large Kitchen kinfe, Small kitchen knife, Filliting knife
   Diamond Steel ,Ceramic Steel, Oil stone (Lansky kit)
   4X Small S/S bowl, 4X Large S/S bowl, 2 very large S/S bowls , 8 S/S plates
   6X reusable temperature resistant plastic cups, 6X S/S cups, 4X S/S Double wall mugs
   Small , medium and large dutch ovens with removable S/S racks
   Small and large cast iron metal handle fry pans
   Pot lifter.
   1L and 4 liter pressed aluminum pots (known here as a billy)
   2X 20 liter plastic tubs
   Bottle opener
   Can opener
   12-240V 600W inverter
   240V light string with CFL bulbs - 8 spare bulbs.
   2X 240v Waterproof full length fluro lightsticks.

    Aerosol style portable gas stove - 6 spare cans gas

   300meters binding cord
   50 Large cable ties
   Large can mosquito repellent
   50 pack mosquito coils with container
   6 Rolls TP
   Washing up detergent
   50 Long matches
   10X 50pack matches
   5X bath soap
   Roll of garbage bags
   Folding latrine seat
   20L plastic "solar shower" bag and fittings.
   Water purification (Chlorine) tablets
   Potassium Permanganate crystals.
   Dustpan brush
   Roll of disposable kitchen wipes
   Pot Brush.
   50 meter roll Aluminum foil

I wants :

None for this section.

[more to follow]

Bugout Toolbox (also vehicle toolbox) - Includes loose of vehicle mounted tools.

Vehicle Recovery bag (snatch strap, tow strap, tree protector, rated shackles, winch doubler / pulley, gloves )
Hacksaw (X2 spare blades)
2LB Broad Axe
Bush Saw (X1 spare blade)
Full metric and imperial socket and spanner sets to 1 1/2 inch
Breaker Bar
Chainsaw , Bar oil , 2 stroke oil , Files and file guide , spare chain , felling wedges
Machete (Actually something called a Cane Knife - but used for similar tasks)
Long handle shovel
Solder , Butane soldering iron , wire , spare fuses , spare battery terminal
Tire lever
Folding wheel brace
12V Tire compressor
Tire Pressure gauge and fast deflater
High temperature sealant
Long nose Pliers
Side Cutters
Regular pliers
Thread Tape
Insulation tape
Fencing wire
Hi-lift jack

I wants -

Tire pliers and bead breaker
Puncture repair kit too off-road standards
Spare wheel studs
Exhaust Bog bag
Hand winch and cables / accessories
Collapsing sand anchor for winching


Bug out box for the unprepared: many guns and lots of ammo...takeover WAL-MART.

I don't bug out.  People from Boston and Manch-Vegas bug out to me.  Canned food and shotguns.  I'm good.

What if your vehicle doesn't work (for whatever reason) and you have to carry everything on your back?? What then??


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