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Virtual Apple ][ is a site which will take you back to the 1980's through its collection of more than 1250 game disks online.  Play and enjoy old Apple ][ (Apple2) and Apple IIgs games and other disks through your Internet web browser. You will find games like Oregon Trail and Number Munchers which many of you played as kids, as well as games like Tetris, Battle Chess, Leisure Suit Larry, Choplifter, Archon II and Kings Quest.

This web site currently uses an ActiveX application and Apple IIgs emulator to automatically download and play most Apple 2 and Apple IIgs disk images online. To play a game, just select the disk from the menu and click on Yes to automatically download the ActiveX emulator and disk images in Internet Explorer and click on Install Add-Ons when prompted in Mozilla's Firefox Browser.

Oregon Trail!


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