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What are you listening to?

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At this very moment

"rescue pack, coming to the rescue, rescue pack, coming to the rescue"

 :whatever: :whatever: :whatever:

Since I downloaded my first album from the Zune Marketplace last night, I've been listening to it nonstop.     It's a love songs album by John Michael Montgomery.

Right now...  "Friends" is the song I am listening to.   I forgot this song even existed, along with "As Long as I Live" (which I will be listening to next).

"A Haunting" on TV.  My daughter is watching it in the other room.

i need to go back and read everyone's responses... but i just downloaded Journey and Frank Sinatra.

but my *favorite* artist right now is a mellow, rainy day lounge singer type girl... Kelly Sweet.

she has a great voice and its really pure... her songs are interesting to listen to and she is clearly in tortured love right now  :-)

Odin's Hand:
Kansas vs. Mizzou BB pre-game.


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