Author Topic: VIDEO: Liberals Whining Over Sinema Ruining Biden's "Count The Votes" Scheme  (Read 63 times)

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Joe Biden sometimes blurts out embarrassing truths such as the fact that his voting bills are all about "WHO COUNTS THE VOTES!" And because Senator Kyrsten Sinema blocked this scheme by supporting the filibuster, liberals are predictably angry at her as you can see in this entertaining compilation of their whines.

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Cap’n Dementia said “The legislative bodies continue to change the law, not as to who can vote,…..”

Hold on here. Haven’t the Dems been telling the country this whole time that these laws prevent certain people from voting? Their whole MO has been “Republicans want to stop people from going to the polls and voting if they’re black or women or etc…”

But here’s Cap’n Dementia plainly stating that these laws don’t legislate “who can vote.” He’s killed his own party’s main underlying argument in their objection to these laws and shifted it to “who counts the votes” which is a much, much weaker position.

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