Author Topic: I wonder if "Dungeons & Dragons" baristas use arcane magic to make lattes...  (Read 246 times)

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Stumbled across this thread last night.  Apparently the D&D folks published a free little campaign set-up where your fantasy character works at a fantasy Starbucks.  The reactions are hilarious, across the spectrum, IMHO, from gamers griping about the idea of regular work in their tabletop game to right-leaning folks griping and joking about the wokeness roleplaying opportunities to left leaning folks griping about wage inequality.

It was a long thread last night, and has grown significantly.  Here's a few personal faves.

Several people have pointed out that a "Dungeons & Dragons" Firejolt CafĂ© barista makes 5 gp/week while an armorer, squire bodyguard, or mercenary man-at-arms makes 7 gp/week. 🤔

Apparently, a woke hipster's idea of high fantasy is limited to exorbitant wages for menial jobs.

Full disclosure, I never actually sat down and played D&D, but had some of the books.  I know enough mechanics and background to get most of the jokes, but most are still funny without that background knowledge. 
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I've played D&D before. There are rules for regular jobs a Player Character can do while on down time between adventures but this is the first time I've seen one fleshed out this way. I did laugh at the Conan refference someone did in that Twitter thread. As a player would I want to play this? Maybe as a "One Shot" (one game session) or at a gaming convention but not as a full campaign.
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just one more reason for me to stay the hell away from starbucks...
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