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Do not be forlorn people
« on: January 14, 2022, 08:51:07 AM »
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Do not be forlorn people

"Hey, did we give up when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?" Belushi. No we didn't.

We are the Democratic party, the patriotic party fighting for democracy.

There are people here trying to divide us, trying to make us fight with one another.

Think about this; we are all for holding the people behind the coup responsible, every ****ing one of us.

I say so what if I want DOJ to do more and someone else feels everything is going at the exact right speed. So ****ing what? I don't feel any need at all to chastise people who feel that our DOJ is doing a fantastic job, I respect their opinion, as a matter of fact I hope they are right. On the flip side of the coin so what if people here like me expect Merrick Garland to do more, is that really a bad thing folks?

We are all in agreement, we want to see people held accountable, we want to see justice. Stop fighting with one another, we are all on the same page.

What happened with the arrests of the Oaf Freepers is an example of a fantastic job done by Merrick Garland, people aren't being charged with trespassing now but with seditious conspiracy. This may lead to taking down the people who were behind this, the people at the Willard Hotel, people like Bannon and Roger Stone.

I feel what happened yesterday in Michigan may be more significant. The AG of Michigan was ready to bring charges against the people who signed fake electoral college documents when she realized this went on in 4 other states which she feels is a conspiracy to overthrow our government. She filed a criminal referral with her regional US attorney, so now the Feds are obligated to pursue this.

These people who signed fake documents are going to be hit with serious jail time. These people are not unwashed Magats, one of them will flip and when they do it will lead us to the inner ring of the coup, right to the top to the planners of the coup. If I were Jeffrey Clarke or John Eastman I would be hiring a bodyguard right now. These people are going down as malaise reminds us and the shit is going to hit the fan right about election time.

Keep the faith and stay united. Everyone here wants the same end goal, don't argue with one another, argue the issues.



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6. I am more encouraged today than ever,

People need to realize that the AG of Michigan has been working on this case for a year, and no one knew anything about it. See I am using the argument that we don't know what DOJ is doing. She was at the point of deciding what to charge these people with which is well along in the investigation. She has a years' worth of investigation she will turn over to the Feds. I guarantee these people are going to flip. We are going to find out who organized the fake electoral college documents in at least 5 states.

Thank goodness for the Michigan AG to realize the seriousness of what was happening. Those 2 brave women in Michigan, the SOS and AG may turn out to be the people who bring down the coup planners.

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11. Well done, you are 100% correct, this OPed must be circulated around DU

Yes, many of us want results faster, seeing November 2022 approaching does send shivers up the spine when things have not been resolved and the criminals are not being held accountable. All those republican criminals must be indicted and prevented from running again. I am an optimist, so I am convinced we will see the buffoon trump behind bars this year.

Lets hope Garland has just opened the jar and we can see more to come.

Our job is to make sure that those who are on our side got out to vote in November, that we get a real majority on both houses, that we send many of the republicans to find other jobs away from office.

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16. We will win

We will win in the end. Giving up only guarantees a loss. We need to keep pushing the voting protections. With enough sustained pressure, something will break our way.

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22. Merrick Garland is a good man,

I looked up his bio, he fought for the little guy, he did an enormous amount of good in his life. He is being thrust into a damn scary situation. It isn't people here at DU who put any pressure on him but he got a lot of pressure from former Justice department officials to act. I feel that the Oaf Freepers flipping and I guarantee the people who signed forged documents are going to flip will change the narrative. People are going to see what Trump planned to do and Americans are not going to like it. People on Fox are not going to be able to say that 1/6 wasn't that bad, people are going to see that it was Republicans who committed fraud in the last election.

I watched the Michigan AG last night and she pointed out that the people who fraudulently signed their names as electors were the loudest voices claiming that the 2020 election was rigged while they were the ones doing the rigging.

I see big cracks in the Big Lie, it is going to be shattered.

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28. One more thing to be encouraged about,

My little thread will pale in comparison to what the select committee is going to roll out on prime time TV.

The select committee can't indict anyone, but it can damn well show the people who need to be indicted.

The narrative is so important and cannot be underestimated. We need to make the narrative that the people involved in 1/6 were traitors, that's it, that's all we need to do. The narrative needs to be that the GQP backs traitors who are against the United States government. The narrative needs to be that the Democratic party is the patriotic party that is fighting to save our democracy.

This is what we need to do.

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Re: Do not be forlorn people
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Are you supposed to stare at the graveyard as you whistle by it? :rotf:
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Re: Do not be forlorn people
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2022, 10:04:56 AM »
Small potatoes.

'Seem to be coordinated'... after a year of State-investigation. 

The only thing that 'seems to be coordinated' is the AG handing the case off to her old boss, whom Biden nominated to serve as U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Michigan in November last.
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