Author Topic: The Republican Party has made a decision about Trump.  (Read 93 times)

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The Republican Party has made a decision about Trump.
« on: January 13, 2022, 08:08:46 AM »
kentuck (103,989 posts)

The Republican Party has made a decision about Trump.

One can see it in the comments of prominent Senators, in the last few days. Thune and Rounds from the Dakotas have spoken up. Rounds was very outspoken about it. It felt like a change in the air for Republicans.

McConnell appears to have run out of patience with Trump? Perhaps he got tired of being called names through Trump's public humiliation comments? It has been a year since the hideous act of January 6th, perhaps it is time to put it all behind us, and move on as a Party, McConnell seems to be saying?

Still, it does seem, from some perspective, that the Trump/McConnell/Republican Party coalition are going thru a change. There may be a divorce?


Star Member grumpyduck (4,075 posts)

2. I think it's two things...

One, they're realizing that he served his purpose but is no longer useful to them. I still believe most of them thought he was just a useful idiot.

Two, they're looking at how people (voters) are perceiving him and want to distance themselves.

IOW, it's time to throw the village idiot under the bus.

kentuck (103,989 posts)

5. Also, I think the VA Governors race taught them a lesson.

They do much better when they disconnect from Trump. Of course, every state is not like VA.

But, they also understood that Republicans all across the country did much better than Trump in almost every race. They see him as a drag on their Party, although he does bring a special kind of clientele to the Party. The violent, white supremacists, ex-military, militia-type people that intimidate and threaten and extort other Republicans into submission.

Star Member NanceGreggs (26,719 posts)

7. Totally agree.

Trump is increasingly unhinged, to the point where no one is even bothering to make excuses or try to explain it away.

Even his staunchest supporters are tired of the non-stop 'rigged election' rants.

Between the Jan/6 committee hearings, and the happenings in Georgia and New York, Trump is about to "go through some things" - and none of it good.

It took long enough, but the Republicans have finally figured out that he's an anchor around their political necks.

JT45242 (923 posts)

10. Until the threat of the RNC hack is brought up again

Putin still calls all the meaningful shots
as long as he has the RNC hack to hold over their heads.

They will fall back in line when Vladimir reminds Moscow Mitch and Leningrad Lindsay to get the party in line or every email with the n-word, every dirty money scheme, every abortion for a mistress goes to the internet.

Then only the Q wingnuts will remain. He will be sure the old Rethugs will scurry away like rats and the power vacuum and chaos will delight him. And the ones that don't scurry like rats may want Geiger counters for everything they drink.


Star Member NNadir (28,492 posts)

12. Don't give them any credit for a remote sense of decency. They hate this country and its...

...citizens and its constitution.

The only people Republicans care about is white, male bigots, which is not to characterize all white males as such (I am one), but those they care about among white males are bigots and thugs.

Star Member alwaysinasnit (4,132 posts)

15. My theory is that TFG is more of a liability going forward, and so if the Dems can neutralize him

through the 1/6 Committee, then Moscow Mitch and the other Republicons won't be blamed for TFG's fall, and they can continue to exploit their base.

Star Member Stuart G (32,607 posts)

16. Thank You for posting...K and R. Once Trump is indicted, it will be partly over, then convicted, ..

all over for good.
A convicted president ain't no good to nobody. nOT EVEN.. the Republican Party...Who is very close to


The Attorney General of New York State, Letitia James , say that her job is getting Trump. And she will get him. I read
that she had a chance to run for governor, but she said something like, "My job is to get Donald Trump and I will do
just that instead of running for another office."


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Re: The Republican Party has made a decision about Trump.
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2022, 08:28:14 AM »
The Attorney General of New York State, Letitia James , say that her job is getting Trump.

And statements like that are a huge red flag to anyone who isn't  hyper-partisan democrat.

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Re: The Republican Party has made a decision about Trump.
« Reply #2 on: January 13, 2022, 08:32:42 AM »
Could the DUmmies who whinge about Rs having sold their souls to Trump and the DUmmies who imagine they see signs of Rs cutting loose from Trump get together and decide what the DU party line will be? It's not like that consensus party line would be constrained by having to remotely resemble reality, :-) .
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Re: The Republican Party has made a decision about Trump.
« Reply #3 on: January 13, 2022, 09:04:23 AM »
"We" have?  I haven't received that memo.  My only "decision" I've made about President Trump is that he earned my vote twice and I'm damn proud of it.  As for 2024, not worth my time to speculate about.  I'll let the lib-tard media and DUmmies worry about that.
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