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Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but put a fork in it. This Republic is done.

I'm not generally a pessimist, but I'm not one that can't see reality staring me in the face either. And the fact is...and perhaps I'm shortsighted in this area, I don't see us winning back the country we grew up in.

Say what you will about what the Democratic Party is trying to do with voting rights. It's beyond commendable. I'm thankful that one of our two parties is trying to live by the intent of the constitution. But unfortunately, it ain't enough. It just isn't. We all know this. It's a band-aid on a knife wound. Do Democratic voters outnumber Republicans? Of course.

Do Democratic voters outnumber Republican voters in mid term and off year elections? Generally speaking, not so much. Sure, the last few years have been surprising and to our benefit. Without a doubt. But is that sustainable? Especially as the Latino population is leaving the Democratic party in droves? (There is now 1 point of separation between us and the Republican party with Latino voters.)

The failure of the Democratic Party, and dare i say our country, is the failure of our party to deal with the constant barrage of propaganda. Fox News, AM Radio, Internet sites like Brietbart, podcasts like Joe Rogan. It's constant. It's a virus on the body politic. And the longer it's able to grow, the closer we become to an authoritarian state.

There are far too many in this country that are easily programmable meat suits. No ability to think critically. All you have to do is repeat something that explains their hardships while blaming the other (usually brown, or gay, transgender, scientist, etc.), and they will vote against themselves time and time and ****ing time again. all seen it. It is a truth of our society. It's always been a truth of our society. Nothing has changed in that regard. But we've never dealt with the level of propaganda that we experience now. You can preach to me about Father Coughlin, but his followers were not ingesting bleach, horse de-wormer, or drinking their own urine. The genie's out of the bottle, baby. I don't see him going back in of his own accord.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not bashing the Democratic Party. I don't think I've ever voted Republican. Honestly can't remember my first few votes. Maybe I did. Also voted for Ross Perot when I was much younger and much dumber. I was a twenty year old kid in a hair band. What the **** did I know then? (Jack shit is the answer to that.) But I've matured into a late twentysomething instead of an early twentysomething. Yes, I realize I'm fifty years old. Doesn't change my level of maturity. Thank Christ I've reached late twentysomething!

That being said, I'm so not attacking the Dems here. I'm proud of most of the things they've done to bring us into this century. Sincerely proud. But this. This. This has got to be addressed or we will lose our country.

I know, I know. "well what's your plan mother****er?" I ain't got one. That's church (if I can quote Badger and Skinny Pete). I don't know how to square that circle. Not with the 1st amendment protecting speech. I truly wish I had an answer. But I liken it to global warming. We've already passed the point of no return for ocean levels rising. No one is saying, "well how do we stop this Mr./Ms. climate scientist? And if you don't have a solution you should shut the **** up." I'm just ringing a bell I think needs rung. And there are far more intelligent people in our party than I happen to be. And, to be sure, they've been elected to handle this shit.

All's I'm saying is we cannot, ****ing cannot, continue as a society when 25-40% are living under an alternate reality. Until we square that circle, I'm afraid we are doomed to walk the path of the German/Italian people. ******* I hope I'm wrong.


Flame away.....


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6. The Media wants us all to think we are more divided than we are.

The crazy people are still a small minority IMO. The Blue wave will continue.

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8. As your senior, 53, I am not arguing. This country has been on a death spiral since 1980.

Probably you could say since 1950 but I'll blame Raygun, it's easier these days.

There have been some nice bright moments since 1980 but they pale against the eveil that has always been here.

I posted on a thread earlier about Bloody Kansas which was the primer for the Civil War. I think we've been a macro version of that for 40 years at the least.

We were founded with slavery as an accepted practice, women not voting, and one of Virginia's largest land owners becoming our 1st President.

I am not super hopeful.

I've also had that horrible realization that when climate change gets going full-steam in around 2070 I'll be dead or really close to death. X'er finally win one there, too dead to care.

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31. If I was 16 To 30 years old right now I would either be despondent...

...or ballistic and furious with humanity in general. Or just high (edit or drunk) all of the time like I was then and now....

Imagine growing up with a camera on you 24/7. Being bullied online. When we were kids yes there were bullies but that ended after school. And generally only few people knew about it. Now they attack 24/7 too. People can **** with you all damned day now. It is insanity.

Sure human's will adapt to the much harsher climate but the rich ones will be in META or some shit or everyone will be in AI but ordinary people are in the Atari version.

I got why Greta Thunberg was in tears trying to get the powerful old people to understand that her future and every young persons future was in jeapardy. The powers that be say lots of talky talk but ultimately it is a big **** off.

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12. 2016 did it.

That is why I am sitting in a almost empty house.

It has been sold and just the paperwork to finish.

We are off to Canada in the spring.

Been working on it for awhile.

Unless Garland actually does something it is over.


My PTSD cannot take it anymore.

Putin got his money worth.


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30. We are going to travel first with the Grandkids.

The grandkids are in Canada.

Their Grandmother was born there.

Her father was born there.

We have a lot of adopted family members waiting for us.

Some of them I have already met.

We will travel around and met them.

We will be with the kids and their Mom wherever they are after that.

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16. In complete agreement

We may win a few more elections but long term the country is on a downhill trajectory. Thank god the wife and I are childless.


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35. ***THE ANSWER*** - Inform the informers about dem lack of message mechanics. You're right...

... dem message mechanics STINK!!

They are no doubt stuck in 1980 where the message mediums weren't fractured like they are today.

To reach people you have to flood twice as many mediums as we did 20 years ago.

Dems don't do it, the reason they lost the Latino vote in Miami Dade and South Texas is cause the GQP got on the radio stations first and spouted socialism to the hilt.

The answer - inform the informers here on DU and anyone else you can get to.

Too many here on DU are quick to blame the M$M for not setting the message when the message is set by the right Dems react like we are doing with DTP and CRT.

We (me and you) need to keep informing the informers here and everywhere in our lives, dems changing their message mechanics has to be a grass roots effort.

We can do this, something it takes just one person !!!


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47. The fatal flaw

There is a fatal flaw in the US constitution, and we can't change it.
It's the reason that McConnell can control 50% of the senate while only representing 30% of the population.
The original Constitution never intended that a minority could actually control the senate, only make the size of their minority power "outsized".
But with the creation of so many "small" states, the minority has been handed majority power.

And in 2040 70% of the population will live in only 15 states, resulting in a situation where 30% of the population controls 70% of the Senate.

And gerrymandering only makes things worse. Alabama has 8 congressmen, and 7 are GOP, despite state wide races being won by margins like 47 to 53. Should less than 60% of the population control 7/8ths of the congressional representation?

This is unsustainable and this time it won't be a geographical war, it will be an urban versus rural war and fought more as a guerrilla war. Think Northern Ireland.

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56. **** that

I'm first on their list of people that will be executed for being trans. Better believe I'll pick whichever resistance and die fighting taking as many to hell with me before I drop to my knees and beg. **** all that shit


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Damn, even with them owning the white house and congress they still aren't happy.
Biden is an illegitimate President.  Change my mind.

Police lives matter.

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64.I'd almost be willing to get a job in order to participate in

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To DU-types, the proverbial 'good old days' are when the Democratic Party is out of power and their minions are everywhere online whining, lying, soapboxing, vindictively commiserating with a seemingly larger (unscrubbed voter-roll) number of rage du jours...

It's no fun defending Democrats when Democrats are in power. 
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There are far too many in this country that are easily programmable meat suits. ...

Actually, DU's membership isn't that large, but DUpipo do harbor a strong Illusion of Relevance. :rimshot:  :rotf:

Joking aside, this illustrates DU-folks arrogant and unwarranted Superiority Complex.
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