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This shit is coming here, if not already in places such as Dearborn MI.  Why is it in blue?  The effin' Dems would have the same assholes here . . .

Muslim gang rampaged through Liverpool attacking strangers because they were white “non-Muslims”

One witness feared the men were ISIS extremists and counter-terrorism officers later raided the three men’s homes

By Neil Docking,
10:22, 27 JUL 2017

A gang of Muslim men rampaged through Liverpool city centre attacking strangers because they were white “non-Muslims”.

One witness feared Amin Mohmed, Mohammed Patel and Faruq Patel were ISIS terrorists.

The drunken yobs targeted three unknown men before Mohmed, 24, and Mohammed, 20, set upon Gary Bohanna when he revealed he was Christian.

Laughing Faruq, 19, who was not convicted of a racial or religious motive, then filmed Mohmed punching St Helens councillor Paul Lynch to the ground, as his terrified girlfriend tried to protect him.

Liverpool Crown Court heard counter-terrorism officers raided the three men’s homes in Bolton after the shocking incident on March 20 last year.

More here:

It's what this idiot is doing to our north . . .

Maybe the Canadians will learn and throw their asses out.  Probably . . . no idea. :whistling:

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I liked that in the extended article, it's revealed that one of those barbarians cried like a little girl when he was sentenced to prison! Not so tough now, Jihad- boy?
It's what this idiot is doing to our north . . .

That is freaking hilarious!
First off, the Constitution says he can't be our president (Thank God), because he's not a US citizen.
Second, that wonderful, saintly Trudeau has done things which, had they been done by Trump or ANY Republican for that matter, would have been viewed by Rolling Stone's writers as pure evil incarnate (i.e. Trudeau okayed the building of oil pipelines, including the Keystone Pipeline that Rolling Stone has in past portrayed as an evil blight on the environment which should have been derailed from the start, and Trudeau also okayed the sale of armored vehicles to the Saudis which they will almost certainly use in the conflict in Yemen).
Then again, it's not like anyone who matters cares about what that repulsive rag says. Its readership consists almost exclusively of brain- damaged twentysomethings who spend their every waking moment in a drug- induced haze. It should be renamed "Rolling Stoners" for that reason.
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