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Melt the snow from the preceding winter by August, at least in the lower 48...


— People from Buffalo hear it all year
— over the phone or while traveling:
"Buffalo? Got snow there?"

The answer, still:
"Why, yes!"

Two piles remain in one abandoned lot where trucks dumped it after a freak November storm buried neighborhoods in so much snow
— 7 feet fell in spots
— that crews had nowhere else to put it.

"I tell my customers;
'You want ice cubes?
Go get them,'" Eugene Kiszelewski, who owns the G&T Inn across the street, said Tuesday as the temperature climbed past 80 degrees.

At its height, Kiszelewski said, the snow mounds towered over the light poles.

Between 10,000 and 11,000 truckloads were taken there, Streets Commissioner Steven Stepniak said, creating a mountain five stories high.

One of the leftover piles is about the size of two school buses end to end, the other a bit smaller.
Grayish white ice peeks through, but both resemble earthen berms, because the snow is covered with a thick layer of dirt and even grass.

The swampy surrounding land, though, offers proof it is slowly melting, even in Buffalo, whose reputation for snow is
— usually
— overblown.

New York state climatologist Mark Wysocki said the dirt cover is insulating the compacted snow, drawing out the time it is taking for the warmth of the sun to reach it.
The ground, meanwhile, is heating from below.

"It's sort of like an Oreo cookie right now," Wysocki said, "where you've got snow in the middle and heat from above and heat from below and it's slowly eating away at the snow."

Just how long it will stick around, Wysocki said, depends on how thick the covering layer is.

Boston just saw the last remnants of its ruthless winter melt away earlier this month.

"It could," Wysocki said, "be there when the next snow falls."

full article...

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Re: The Nice Thing About Glow Bull Warming Would Be Its Ability To...
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It never got quite that bad in Missouri, but I did get tired of shoveling 4 ft. of that shit a couple times of year. Now I'm down in Mississippi where the heat index is 113 and the mosquitoes terrorize even the dogs. When you open the door to your home, you're advised to have a fan blowing full blast to blow the little bastards right back out the door again. I've got two bug zappers and an automatic spritzer that is supposed to keep them at bay (the bug zapper nailed a cicada that just refused to die - lol) and does, for the most part.

But it's been a hot, dry summer thus far. Little to no rain. When the rain comes, so do the mosquitoes.

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