Author Topic: To clarify for the DUmmies: 20 Promises in the 2024 RNC Platform  (Read 113 times)

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Additionally unless one goes to a conservative website or the RNC, every single news story from lib-tard sources are about their beloved abortion topic, which is not included in the list.

- Seal The Border, And Stop The Migrant Invasion
- Carry Out The Largest Deportation Operation In American History
- End Inflation, And Make America Affordable Again
- Make America The Dominant Energy Producer In The World, By Far!
- Stop Outsourcing, And Turn The United States Into A Manufacturing Superpower
- Large Tax Cuts For Workers, And No Tax On Tips!
- Defend Our Constitution, Our Bill Of Rights, And Our Fundamental Freedoms, Including Freedom Of Speech, Freedom Of Religion, And The Right To Keep And Bear Arms
- Prevent World War Three, Restore Peace In Europe And In The Middle East, And Build A Great Iron Dome Missile Defense Shield Over Our Entire Country -- All Made In America
- End The Weaponization Of Government Against The American People
- Stop The Migrant Crime Epidemic, Demolish The Foreign Drug Cartels, Crush Gang Violence, And Lock Up Violent Offenders
- Rebuild Our Cities, Including Washington Dc, Making Them Safe, Clean, And Beautiful Again.
- Strengthen And Modernize Our Military, Making It, Without Question, The Strongest And Most Powerful In The World
- Keep The U.S. Dollar As The World’s Reserve Currency
- Fight For And Protect Social Security And Medicare With No Cuts, Including No Changes To The Retirement Age
- Cancel The Electric Vehicle Mandate And Cut Costly And Burdensome Regulations
- Cut Federal Funding For Any School Pushing Critical Race Theory, Radical Gender Ideology, And Other Inappropriate Racial, Sexual, Or Political Content On Our Children
- Keep Men Out Of Women’s Sports
- Deport Pro-Hamas Radicals And Make Our College Campuses Safe And Patriotic Again
- Secure Our Elections, Including Same Day Voting, Voter Identification, Paper Ballots, And Proof Of Citizenship
- Unite Our Country By Bringing It To New And Record Levels Of Success

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