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Leftist or Liberal: Facts, yo
« on: April 05, 2019, 04:13:43 PM »
CC190405 Leftist or Liberal: Facts, yo

SOUTHPOINT, Fri 05 Apr 19:

American Leftists have stolen the word "liberal" and hide behind it. Some on the right have bought into this and assume every Liberal is a snotty entitled atheist social engineer who knows what's best for everyone else, and listens to none but his fellow neckbearded leftist ideologues. Proof: check my "negative appreciations". Now compare with my actual beliefs. Note the difference.

Newsflash: Leftists are not Liberals. Leftists are nothing like Liberals. Leftists are Socialists. Liberals are not. Leftists are ideologues with their own Socialist ideology. Liberals don't believe in Socialism, and laugh at the very idea of "ideology".

In fact, (Socialists hate all facts other than their own carefully chosen constructions, because, as our own txradioguy quotes Ben Shapiro, "Facts don't care about your feelings".) Socialists hate rogue facts even more than they hate rogue Liberals. Leftists have nothing in common with real Liberals at all, which is why they must silence Liberals on Leftist-controlled platforms, if they want to push their Socialist ideology. Real (True) Liberals have, by definition, NO "ideology"** at all...

**IDEOLOGY (noun): (1) a set of preconceived notions around which the facts on the ground are bent and twisted to "fit", by IDEOLOGUES; (2) the one, the only, the sole and exclusive truth, which belongs to me and me alone; (3) a faith-based political belief system derived from tradition or received wisdom: (4) the badge of a closed mind. (Source: DICKtionary: The Unofficial DI/DU Dictionary (c)2019 W.J. Morningstar, all rights reserved.)

...rather, a True Liberal questions everything, and allows the facts on the ground to determine his course. This doesn't mean Liberals are rudderless, wishy-washy, indecisive, centrist, milquetoast, fence-sitters, or straddle a mushy "middle ground". To the contrary, as professional listeners (now we're describing the "ideal" Liberal here, and I'd be the last man to claim perfection -- Ed.), the practising Liberal actively seeks out opinions different than his own, and likes nothing better than to be proven wrong or taught something new. In this sense, while Liberals are careful and weigh all options to determine the greatest good for the greatest number (of individuals, NOT "the masses" -- Ed.) when some choice has to be made, we can be quite decisive when called upon, and tend to be reliable allies, and good to have around in a crisis.

This is why you'll find so few actual Liberals on platforms controlled by so-called "American Liberals" -- who are in fact FAKE LIBERALS. "American Liberals" would not be recognized anywhere else in the world. These phonies and "Fugazi Liberals" are actually Leftists, Socialists, and so-called "Progressives" ("Democratic" Socialists). On platforms they can seize or control we True Liberals are actively PURGED. Which is better at least than elsewhere in the world, where we're often SHOT ON SIGHT. (See "Liquidation of Personalities" (liberals) in Coup d'État, Prof. E.J. Luttwak, Georgetown Institute of Strategic Studies, Washington, Penguin 1971. 2 1/2 pages on the necessity of killing the Liberals first. -- Ed.)

Socialism is authoritarian. Lib-er-als believe in lib-er-ty. Socialists place the interests of the group ahead of the individual, and place themselves at the head of the group. Liberals are the original libertarians.

***Socialists consider Liberals a threat to their desire to lead (herd) "the masses" (by the nose) toward collectivization, led by Socialist élites (them).***

***Socialists know very well that given a choice, individuals will choose the Liberal who respects them over the Socialist who collects them.***

This is why Socialists (and their cousins, the National-Socialists) have such a festering, burning, passionate and personal hatred, loathing and fear of Liberals. They know we see through them. They know we can stop them. They know we can convince others to reject them. Their only choice is to destroy the natural enemy of "snotsie" collectivism and "notsie" regimentation, the wild and untamed Liberal.

Further, Leftists work together with Rightists to wipe out Conservatives and Liberals. We see it in nation-states as we've seen it on Discussionist and other open forums.

Conservatives and Liberals believe in representative democracy. The Lefty-Righty Extremist Alliance believes only in power. Their ideal is the one-party state. This is why Lefty-Righty Extremism works together to wipe us out:

Lefty-Righty wants Polarization. Lefty-Righty wants Binary Choice: (a) All Left All The Time (Social Nation), or (b) All Right All The Time (National Society).

***This is why Lefty-Righty wants to kill off Conservatives and Liberals. Lefty-Righty hates "talky-talky", and wants only "fighty-fighty".***

This is also why we must unite to defeat this one, single, unitary threat to our existence, democracy, heritage and way of life from Social-Nationalism (the SocNats/Communists a.k.a. "S/Notsies") and National-Socialism (NatSocs/Alt/Fascists a.k.a. "Notsies"), newly empowered and working together in the cybersphere.

Once again, as Liberals and Conservatives, we stand together (alone together?) between Communists/Fascists and the regimentalist world domination they crave. Once again, as before, they've put their death-struggle between each other on hold to first wipe us out, then carve us up, and clear the path to their final fight for supremacy over us. But they'll still have to come through us first.

When they tried this in the 1930's, we united to defeat them both. But they didn't have the "unimportant internet" to work with then. Now they need not gun us down in the street; killing our "unimportant" accounts and hollowing our "unimportant" forums across the "unimportant internet" saves a lot of cordite and lead.

Kill my account I'm just as dead and one need not shoot me in the face. And there's the added pleasure of sneering, "Quit'cher whining, weak little *****cuck". And "licking my tasty Liberal face". Eww. At least the brownshirts are still psychopaths.

This is a S/Notsie trope: the Unimportant Internet Argument. Recognize it; know it when you see it. They trot it out every time they do something dirty: "Get over it, it doesn't matter, you don't matter, quit'cher whining, die sucky baby, etc.".

"Your accounts are unimportant, your forums are unimportant, it's just the internet, it's not important, you're not important, you can't stop us, we can crush you like an insect; S/Notsies Of The World, Unite!"

My S/Notsie friend Joey Flat-Earth sums it up quite succinctly: "It's all too late, Will. It's too late, you're too late, nothing matters, there are no facts, there is no truth, so words are useless, we can't know anything, so don't waste your time, and the earth is flat or I'll punch you out."

Discussionists, Cavers: I've already learned more from you than you could ever learn from me. "Teaching you lessons" is not my aim. It's enough for me that you've offered me your welcome and hospitality. Just trying to help you understand my world in turn. -- Will*
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Re: Leftist or Liberal: Facts, yo
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2019, 04:18:33 PM »
POSTSCRIPT: Wrote the estimate I promised you last Sunday. (Wrote it last Sunday -- Ed.) Thought I should drop this O.P. first in hope of a good reception for it next, and perhaps then some useful cooperation re "actions and solutions". Spent some time and care to get it right. My intentions are honorable. Stay tuned to The DUmping Ground for my next Original Post:

CC190407 Discussionist, Democratic Underground Held Accountable: Morningstar
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Re: Leftist or Liberal: Facts, yo
« Reply #2 on: September 05, 2021, 06:45:53 PM »
You can have peace. Or you can have freedom. Don't ever count on having both at once.
Robert A. Heinlein

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Re: Leftist or Liberal: Facts, yo
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Thanks for bumping this post.  I missed it first time around.

There are still a lot of true liberals out there; Alan Dershowitz, Naomi Wolf and Jonathan Turley, to name a few prominent ones.  They're on the wrong side of many issues but they believe in the Constitution, rule of law, the Bill of Rights, checks and balances but most of all they love America.  In our country's time of peril we don't need to alienate these people.

Call our enemy leftists, communists, whatever you will, but please don't call them liberals. 
Truly, whoever can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.  - Voltaire