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The DUmpster / Re: poll: is Skins.....
« Last post by BamaMoose on September 24, 2018, 11:49:50 PM »
Skinner has pretty much given up on his creation.

Skinner's Profile

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Real name: David Allen
Gender: Male
Hometown: Washington, DC
Home country: USA

About Skinner

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Account status: Active
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 63,348
Number of posts, last 90 days: 1
Favorite forum: General Discussion, 1 posts in the last 90 days (100% of total posts)
Favorite group: NA
Last post: Thu Aug 30, 2018, 09:33 AM

Willing to serve on Juries: No
Chance of serving on Juries: 81% (explain)

Without any announcement, he shut down the Ask the Administrator forum which could be publicly viewed.  I think he was embarrassed by the fact that 90% of the posts were unanswered and even the DUmmies were grumbling about the lack of feedback from the Admins.  Now when you click on Ask the Administrator it takes you to a canned PM, which can be more easily ignored without providing a public record of his lack of interest in Primitive poo-throwing.  I suspect the only energy he devotes to the site is to ensure it still has a positive cash flow.
The DUmpster / Re: poll: is Skins.....
« Last post by Skul on September 24, 2018, 11:47:21 PM »
Yes he is. He diďn't expect the lefty minions to fare so poorly.   
The DUmpster / Re: poll: is Skins.....
« Last post by dutch508 on September 24, 2018, 10:28:20 PM »
until Hillary starts to run again DU and DUlite will be nothing more than a forgotten unwanted stepchild...
General Discussion / Why aren't liberals fun anymore?
« Last post by Ptarmigan on September 24, 2018, 09:14:51 PM »
Why aren't liberals fun anymore?

Several months ago, the very night the Stormy Daniels story broke, I appeared on Don Lemon’s show on CNN. The producer told the guests a few minutes before we went on air that Lemon wanted our reaction to the Daniels allegations. The first guest said something trite about how “she may be doing this to call attention to herself, but we have to treat these charges against Trump very seriously.” Next, Lemon turned to me for my reaction. I really had no opinion about this story, so I just blurted out the first thing that popped into my head: “Gee, Don, who would have ever thought a stripper would want to call attention to herself?”

Now, if you are a normal person, you probably at least laugh a little or smile about that line. But the video went viral on YouTube because the other three guests, all liberals, and Lemon sat stone faced when I said that. They didn’t crack even the slightest hint of a smile. There was just a long awkward silence until I finally said, “Hello, that’s a joke.”

The point of this story is that liberals just don’t have a sense of humor anymore. The rage that the left feels now about President Trump, tax cuts, conservatives, Brett Kavanaugh and more has become so all consuming that it has made many liberals miserable to be around.

Leftists are always perpetually offended and angry.  :mental:
The DUmpster / poll: is Skins.....
« Last post by franksolich on September 24, 2018, 08:53:57 PM »
Of course it's based only upon gut instinct, but I've had this sense that Skins lost interest in DU Jr. a very long time ago, and is letting it wither away on the vine--right at that time it promises to become one of the coolest, hottest message boards on the internet.

It's kind of different now, as compared when the Obamaites were riding high on the hog, and dominated it.  Those on the other side of the aisle still dominate it, but this side of the aisle's been represented recently by a not-unsubstantial plurality.

And one grievously misses the MrsCorpio primitive, who before the last elections provided decent and civilized people with about a third, maybe even a half, of the rollicking laughs there, his stupidity humorously trying to masquerade as genius.

Right now, the comedy relief is principally provided by the lorgnette-and-pearls crowd, primitives who haughtily look down upon us with sneering condescension, for no good reason believing they're smarter than we are.
The DUmpster / Re: Why did Trump call himself a "stable genius"? Kentuck
« Last post by DUmpsterDiver on September 24, 2018, 08:36:10 PM »
> Russians kept appearing in secret meetings

You absolute retarded, Kin Copulating mental midget.  You and your six toed relatives have no scoop on
any secrets that did or did not happen.   The good news is that anyone listening to you is more retarded than you are.

Have an incest day nimrod.
The DUmpster / Re: primitives all upset, bent out of shape, going to the streets
« Last post by DUmpsterDiver on September 24, 2018, 07:41:43 PM »
Please bring your best democrat scum up my Rural route.  If you make it past the dogs on the road and the
coyotes waiting in the bushes than you have reached the mailboxes.

Proceed with caution and respect...for if you have democrat scum inside it will be drained. No Religion needed to come on up
and commiserate ... just honesty and truth.  Push your hate and prepare for exponential reverse hate to send you back down your road to ruin. 
Just remember primitives, Bob may have had his post removed, but he still believes it. That hasn't changed nor will it. And you continue to let him dwell among you, which makes you complicit.

Yup.  Sanity?  Not.  Here is another edition.

TheMastersNemesis (10,535 posts)

OK With Left Wing Conspiracy To Destroy Nomination. Just Cause After GOP Theft.
I am willing to go low. Going high may be admirable but it does not seem to work in a combat environment. We are in an ALL OUT WAR with the GOP. They are determined to change the direction of this country for generations into a GOP hell hole. Mark my word they are just as dangerous and capable as the Nazi party in the long run.

They have already done serious structural damage in just about every sector of this country. And it will only get worse. Forget collegiality in the Senate go after the jugulars. Call them out by named blast them personally on the floor of the Senate and House. Cause damned brawl in the halls of Congress.

They broke it. They insult the institutions every single day. And they trash the Democrats. The exhibit racism, bigotry and misogyny openly in the chambers. Yet there is only silence on the Democratic side.

Moore is right the Democrats are too nice. They look like milquetoasts.

Bring it. :thatsright:

Did anybody screenshot it? I cannot find it via Google to see if it's still in Google Cache.

Over the last 2 or 3 years I've grown accustomed to a substantial degree of vileness from Nematode, but this one actually did surprise me.

No, I didnt think to screenshot it... sorry
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