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Christian Fellowship Sub-forum Rules
« on: January 06, 2010, 11:17:37 AM »
All General Board Rules apply here. Moderator has the final say on what is appropriate.

It goes without saying that foul language is not appropriate here....just act like you have some semblance of decency. This is not "Church", but please be respectful of others.

Bashing Christianity will not be tolerated.  Discussions of this nature should be placed in the "Religious Discussions" Forum, and will be subject to the rules of that area.

The discussion of different aspects of Christianity, Scripture, and its place on our daily lives can, at times be a contentious one,  please keep it civil.

The general purpose of this forum is to provide an arena for discussions of a Christian nature, including, but not limited to differences between denominations, and appropriate matters of the faith.

Please maintain an atmosphere of respect for our fellow men and women.  This should be a place of fellowship and brotherhood.

Link to General Board Rules.


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