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We want a Police State with Warrantless Arrest and Detaining & Summary Execution

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March 4 -- THIS time

Stop them at the DC city limits for probable cause,
obtain ID's,
disarm them,
cuff them,
haul them to the waiting paddy wagons,
have waiting tow trucks haul their vehicles away to pay for later.
Haul their asses to police stations,
check them against Jan 6 databases of names and facial recog, and if they're detected as back,
process their arrests,
detain them until a lawyer shows up,
arraign them,
offer deals that get cooperation, and
make them post bail unless
they are Rittenhouse flight risks.

Write reports to leadership.

Hold a joint Homeland, FBI, Capitol police press conference.

Get ready for the next round. And the next round.

We will find the funders, accomplices after the fact, and win their war of attrition.
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And of course: Summary Executions

--- Quote ---Politicalgolfer (287 posts)

1. Or shoot them....

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DLR Pyro:

--- Quote ---Politicalgolfer (287 posts)

1. Or shoot them....
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Are we talking about the protesters in freattle and portland?

SSG Snuggle Bunny:

Wait ... so I have to bring my ID to riot but not vote?!

That’s some bullshit right there. I took my ID to vote but forgot it when we broke into the Capitol.


My my my. Oh how despotic and fascistic of you DUmbasses....just like the Communistic dictators you're so fond of.


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