Author Topic: 'Regulate Ejaculations!': More Liberal Lunacy Outside the Supreme Court  (Read 54 times)

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Pro-abortion protesters showed up to the Supreme Court once again, despite the rain, on Thursday as the nation's highest court to demonstrate against Roe v. Wade from being overturned with the soon-to-be decided Dobbs v. Jackson case.

While the Dobbs decision was not released on Thursday, pro-abortion protesters continued their call for abortion access to not be limited since, as one speaker put it, preventing women from having abortions is akin to slavery and bondage. One woman began chanting, "Regulate ejaculations!"

Listen toots, no one is forcing you to spread your legs for every swinging dick in the neighborhood.

I love it when leftists are really angry because they get even more outrageous and stupid, for our entertainment value of course.
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Does that include homosexual ejaculation?  Or sperm donors for lesbian couples?  How about pedos?  Y'all gonna regulate those too?  Do male rapists get additional charges for failing to fill out the proper paperwork?

Of course not.  Those are "approved" by the humanist/worldly altar the Left bows down to.  (Rapists who are registered Democrats also get passes, that's been established for years)
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Women are in a position to regulate ejaculations all they want. They choose not to which is why they want abortions to begin with.
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idiot slogans like this is why no one takes the baby killers seriously.