Author Topic: VIDEO: Fairfax School Board Approves Suspensions for "Malicious Misgendering"  (Read 104 times)

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When did this obsession with "misgendering" begin? Not that many years ago school boards, along with the rest of the world, never even heard of the supposed crime of "misgendering." However, leftist ideology has  crept into public education at such a rapid clip that now if you "misgender" it is considered a horrible thought crime which must be punished as the Fairfax County School Board did recently when it approved such a rule as part of their "Students Rights and Responsibilities (SR&R). In this video, you can see pushback from a few parents along with the warning that school board elections will replace those members who have embraced the leftist gender ideology program.

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Reason #648,992 why my kid was home schooled. Anybody who doesn't want to answer to he/him she/her based on whether they have a Y-chromosome or not, can answer to s/h/it...
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How in the name of hell are you supposed to know what some mentally imbalanced snowflake wants to be called? :thatsright:

All this newspeak has gotten out of hand. all the lefties that push it need to be flogged, tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail. :loser:
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Despite years of PC, enlightenment, and direct and subliminal diversity indoctrination, it did warm the cockles of my heart to start teaching middle schoolers and find that yes, "gay", "fag", and "faggot" are still popular insults.

And if you racist moonbats want to come tell my majority hispanic and black students (district wide) to quit using such word violence, be my guest.  I've got popcorn.   :popcorn:
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Freedom is not something people are willing to set aside lightly.
Woke culture is going to have a backlash. It cannot last on its own power.