Author Topic: VIDEO: Crazed Pollster Claims Jan 6 Most Important Story in American History  (Read 24 times)

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Democrat pollster Fernand Amandi used to maintain a thin veneer of sanity back when he was a radio host on South Florida radio station WIOD in 2016. At the time he smugly mocked any callers who dared to suggest that Donald Trump had even a slight chance of winning the presidential election that year. Well, we all know what happened and after the election it was Amandi himself who was subjected to a  barrage of well-deserved mockery from the callers. After a few months of this, he pretty much went off the deep end into Full Mental Jacket territory to the extent that WIOD had to dump him.

Amandi lost his radio gig but he maintained his level of mental instability as you can see on full display in this video.