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Religious Discussion Forum Rules (Revised 01-06-10)
« on: January 06, 2010, 11:09:39 AM »
The purpose of this forum  is the general discussion of all matters pertaining to religion, including, but not limited to various aspects of fundamentalism, evolution, Atheism, creationism, and the role played by various religions in our society today.

Although religion is a topic that engenders emotional responses from many individuals, it is intended that this forum be a place where they can be discussed with relative freedom.  In light of this fact, moderation here will be accomplished primarily with an eye toward preventing personal attacks, and generally keeping the discussions from escalating into brawls.

Threads which devolve into chaos will be moved to "Fight Club", after appropriate warnings are issued by the moderator.

In general posters should attempt to maintain a degree of decorum, however it should be a given that all "religions" are not necessarily created equal, and in that regard, an amount of latitude will be allowed.

All general board rules will also apply here, and the moderator has the authority to delete, edit, lock, or remove any comments that are deemed inappropriate.

 Link to General Board Rules.


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