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--- Quote from: Rick on November 16, 2021, 10:51:20 AM ---How's your stock of kerosene?

Had stocked up on tike torch juice, but noticed home depot has raw kerosene back in stock.

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I use pump kerosene. It smells but works and is about half the price of 1-K.

I have 25 gallons plus the 4 gallons in the heaters. That should be enough assuming a short term outage. I would probably only use one heater unless it's really cold, so what I have should last about a week, more if I'm frugal. My intention is to use kero as a supplement to my regular oil heat which runs on my generator. And in a pinch I could have a wood fire but prefer not to.

BTW I was in my local Lowes yesterday. They had no keosene heaters, about 5 (1 gallon) cans of 1-K kerosene and about that many 5 gallon (blue) kero storage cans.


--- Quote from: J P Sousa on November 16, 2021, 11:07:35 AM ---When I lived in an area that was hit by Hurricane Sandy, my power was out for three days and no heat. (SE PA)

I decided to buy a generator with an auto transfer switch and use two hundred gallon tanks of Propane. I decided on propane because a friend used gasoline and when his power went out so did power in all the gas stations.

I now live in an area with natural gas so unless there is a catastrophic event, my power will be good.

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That is a better solution to the problem and I thought about it but decided for now at least gasoline is a better option for me. We are far enough inland that would probably be able to find gasoline but still it's a worry and that is the reason I'm putting a lot of it in my set up with a rotation plan to keep it fresh.

I grew up on the Jersey Shore, rode out a few hurricanes but personally never experienced long term outages. Where I'm at in NE PA Sandy was a lot of rain and wind but not that much destruction. In western NJ where I work, much more storm damage.

Back around 1985 forget the name of the storm but I was working in a home center store in Ocean County NJ. We had a lot of weather but  the management had us ship just about everything we had that could be used in this situation, generators, camp lanterns and heaters to sent to our Long Island NY stores. Long Island got the brunt of that one.

I have a 4500 watt generator for the house, the power does go out here at times and I needed to make sure the refrigerators stay cold.
Also have a 2500 watt that I keep in the back of the truck for when I am camping. It will run the AC, TV and microwave in the RV when needed.
I also have 2 100 watt solar panels for the RV to keep the 2 6 volt golf cart batteries charged.


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