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If my post is out of line please accept my apologies.

I have always had questions on the Saved issue so I'm asking.
(I hope in a polite way?)

Where does the acceptance of Christ as Saviour come into play?

  Was Jesus and his sacrifice ever really needed?

Lot and those who died in the flood?

Moses, Noah and too many folks who lived before him (Jesus) .. didn't know who Jesus was.

How does that fit in with Jesus is Saviour?

If as Christians preach that accepting Jesus as their Saviour is the only way for Salvation .. There are an awful lot of folks who lived before Jesus was even born?

You cannot reconcile both arguments.

Jesus either is or is not the only way to Salvation.

By this reasoning .. Jesus didn't have to suffer and die for our sins?

Everyone (including those who lived before Christ) just had to believe that God was the Saviour?

There is also the little problem of "The wages of sin is death"(Price paid)

You also have the resurrection of the righteous as well as the unrighteous?

Since the only unforgivable sin according to scripture is Blasphemy, I'm pretty sure that Every unrighteous resurrected individual wouldn't have committed it?

If so, why call them back from hell to just send them back?

And if the Righteous are resurrected, does God pull them out of Heaven to resurrect them?

As I said, I have questions? 8)
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