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Re: brains
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Proven fake.

March 21, 2008 -- The Shroud of Turin, the 14- by 4-foot linen believed by some to have been wrapped around Jesus after the crucifixion, might not be a fake after all, according to new research.

The director of one of three laboratories that dismissed the shroud as a medieval artifact 20 years ago has called for the science community to reinvestigate the linen's authenticity.

"With the radiocarbon measurements and with all of the other evidence which we have about the shroud, there does seem to be a conflict in the interpretation of the different evidence," said Christopher Ramsey, director of England's Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit, which carried out radiocarbon dating tests on the cloth in 1988.

Venerated by many Catholics as proof that Christ was resurrected from the grave, the yellowing cloth is kept rolled up in a silver casket in Turin's Cathedral.

The Shroud of Turin images may not be the direct result of a miracle, at least not in a traditional sense of the word. But they are not manmade either. These seem to be the contradictory conclusions from an article in the peer-reviewed, scientific Journal of Optics (April 14, 2004) of the Institute of Physics in London. Using mathematical image enhancement technology, Giulio Fanti and Roberto Maggiolo, researchers at the University of Padua in Italy, discovered a faint image of a second face on the back of the Shroud of Turin. This has since been confirmed with other software. The implications are explosive and exciting.

Frank Tribbe writes: "The scientific, historical, and other technical data that I refer to as supporting authenticity do unequivocally support the probability of a first-century or very early date for this Shroud and its enigmatic images, and as having originated in the Near East (likely Palestine). Science has not proven (and in my opinion will never categorically prove) this to be specifically the Shroud of Jesus of Galilee. Believers will always need a small leap of faith from the pedestal of knowledge Shroud research has provided. But that research has established that the Shroud image cannot have been man-made by any technique of art or science recorded throughout history, nor by any natural process ever observed or deduced. And all alternative theoretical or suspected methods of image-creation suggested by critics have been carefully and totally demolished by Shroud scientists as not possible. As to 'authenticity,' we know this Shroud with its images is not a phony, a fake, a fraud, an imitation, a copy, to any degree or in any respect; it was not made in the past thousand years; a fourteenth-century origin is virtually impossible. Science still does not know how the images were 'imprinted' on the Shroud."

There is one small problem with the shroud. At one time it was inspected (for the life of me I cant remember the guys name) by a, I believe, forensics specialist. He was able to study the "blood" and other stains (scrapings) on the shroud. It was iron oxide. It is essentially a "painting", though very well done. Considering the date of the shroud (I may be wrong here, 13-14th cen?) there were a plethoria of religious "artifacts" being "found", many of which were found to be man-made.

Besides, I don't need the shroud for my faith.

Well if one needs proof then it's not faith is it. The shroud is just another in a long line of religious artifacts scientists have used to Disprove and have moved the conversation more towards the truth of the word than the ego & banality of man.

Agreed. I don't like the scientific community using the past "relics" that were obviously used to "keep the faith", as pointers to "disprove" God.
Sadly, I think the "relics" are being used just as Jesus said we should not.
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