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Cooking Appliance Testers    :hyper:

This one is too good to hide in the freebie section!
Check it out!

Market Research Company and Major Appliance Manufacturer looking for:
Cooking Appliance Testers
Help Create the Perfect Cooking Appliances

Since October 2000 Market Reader Proâ„¢ has been asking people from around the world to participate in our Market Research studies. We are excited to let you in on our latest cooking appliance study!

Take the Cooking Survey!

Our client, a major appliance manufacturer, needs your feedback to help them design cooking appliances that are better suited to consumers’ needs. There is simply no other way for our client to get the cooking appliance feedback that they desire other than to have consumers use these cooking appliances in their homes!
Consumers test new kitchen appliances in their homes

Turn a tired recipe into a triumphant success with our cooking appliance study

This is a great opportunity to try out your favorite recipes on a new, state-of-the-art cooking appliance!

Take the Cooking Survey!
Details of the Cooking Appliance Study
Testers provide feedback on cooking appliances

Heat up our cooking appliance study with your expert opinions!

Selected participants will use the cooking appliances in their home for three to eight months and will be asked to provide feedback through online surveys and interviews. Participants will, of course, be paid for their time and opinions. New cooking appliance product testing will include using state-of-the-art cooktops, ovens, and ranges in your own home. Some studies may also include testing and preparing a provided set of recipes using the test appliance.

The first step in the process to become a cooking appliance tester is to complete the Cooking Survey. Just click on the survey link below to take the survey.

Take the Cooking Survey!
We Value Our Consumer Panelists

Here are just a few of the comments from our panelists who tested products in their homes:

“The entire experience of the test, starting with the initial interviews through the removal of the test product and reinstallation of the original was as hassle-free as one could hope. Everyone I dealt with throughout the entire experience was friendly and professional, timely in keeping appointments or returning calls and seemed willing to go to whatever length to accommodate my needs.”

“You were great — helpful and always concerned with my opinion.”

“It was easy and fun to participate.”

“This study was so fun for the two of us! Please keep us in mind if we can be testers for you in the future.”

Visit our Panel page to find out more about our Consumer Panel.
Take online cooking survey

Slice and dice your way into our cooking appliance study!
Your opinion counts!

This is your opportunity to let a major appliance manufacturer know what you want when it comes to cooking appliances.

Take the Cooking Survey!

Thanks in advance for your help; we look forward to working with you!

Craig D.T. Dahlin President
Market Reader Proâ„¢

Looks like they are offering a test market for a stove by the way the questions are worded and the info they want.  Worth a shot since my stove is 11 yrs old and the self cleaning feature no longer works.

Good luck! 

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Ohh, I hope they choose me!  They asked for all my information, address, etc.

I'm not sure how old my range is, since it came with the house, so I put 5 years on it.  I hate the range I have, it heats up the entire house when I use the oven and it takes 20+ minutes to boil water. 
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