Author Topic: Immigration Reform……via the Mexicali Express….Why?  (Read 1113 times)

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What reform? Oh, you mean reform for lawbreakers and self serving politicians…… Bull! There is nothing wrong with our immigration policies and laws. They are some of the most lenient in the world. What’s wrong is the LACK OF ENFORCEMENT of these laws.  The lack of enforcement is due to left leaning political ideology. These politicians want to put a cast on a hand when it is the foot that is broken. Minority votes are more important then the well being and security of the American people, a direct and meaningful violation of the Constitution of the United States and the Oath of Office sworn by every politician.

This country is based on a system of law and equal justice for all. Do not be confused my friends with their crap about racism, rights and fairness. There is a difference between human rights, civil rights and Constitutional rights. It is the left who are racist with their so called social justice ideology to enhance their political careers at our expense and safety. It is OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS that are being eroded away.

Our country was and will always be kind to immigration. But that is legal immigration. Illegal immigration costs all of us very dearly. Illegal immigration, although hard to estimate due to our society of political correctness is estimated to be in the tens of billions of dollars if not hundreds. California’s estimate is TEN BILLION alone just for education, health care and incarceration. But they can afford it….LOL! You do the Math.

Our temporary resident in the White house says we need a system of fairness. I ask fair to whom? Those who are here illegally? Or those who are here legally? Fairness and rule of law dictates our course of action. If you are here illegally you must leave or be deported to you country of origin and apply for residency like millions of others have.

We all need to demand of our Government complete control of our boarders. Ever try to bail out a boat while it is still leaking? Only our Federal Government would make sense of that.

To all our Politicians:

Seal the leak, bail out the boat and do your damn Job. No one said it would always be pleasant. It is your fault for not dealing with this problem earlier.