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INVADERS (scifi short short story)
« on: April 28, 2010, 04:32:11 PM »

“They look human”

“Genetically they are human”

“That is hard to believe” the junior scientist said with a glance at his older co-worker.

“They came here promising peace. They said they could bring enlightenment” the gray haired scientist said with amusement in his voice. “It is like they thought we hadn’t heard about what they did on Regulus”.

The younger man nodded. “We know their ideas will destroy economies and oppress people in the name of hope and change. We know that thriving worlds have been driven into the utmost dire poverty in the name of ‘fairness’. We also know they seem to really believe what they say”.

“Strange isn’t it? They have destroyed hundreds of nations and now a hundred planets and yet they still believe it will work.” The older man said with a derisive laugh. “They cannot comprehend that it has never and will never worked. It has always led into tyrannical bondage and poverty and yet they still believe.”

“Where does that kind of maniacal faith come from?” the younger scientist asked as they observed the human on the other side of the resistant glass. “I can fathom a belief in an all-powerful God, but a belief in human-made utopia where no-one works and everyone eats is simply insane”

“Humans are made to believe in something higher than self. It’s built into us but in some cases that need goes very awry” the man said “They are not an alien species. They are not even a race, they are simply humans who have gone off the deep end of the faith pool. A deep faith in an ideology that inevitably leads to failure, it’s not sane, but it is apparently real”.

“So, they are really human?”

“Yes, I have met some of them in my life time. They simply do not perceive the world the same way as you or I do” the man cleaned his glasses, his back turned to the glass partition. “If I was to offer you an apple in exchange for a dime, and you were hungry and accepted, how would you see the result of this exchange?”

“We would both be satisfied that we got a good deal and we would both be happy. We would both be better off” the younger man “How else would I view it?”

“They would see it as exploitation. They would say that I have robbed you and that a government agency should inspect my apple, as if you couldn’t, and force me to sell my apples in certain places and tax the sale of my apple and then tax my income from that apple and regulate how I grow my apples…” the old man took a deep breath “What do you think the end result would be?”

“A bureaucratic nightmare, tyrannical interference, thieving tax rates, neither of us would be happy and you might never try to sell your apple to me in the first place” the younger man said.

“Exactly as I have determined to have been the case on all those other worlds, when they take over.” The older man shook his head slowly. “You end up with no freedom. The government employs or financially supports half the population and they can vote themselves your hard earned money. That is, of course, the beginning of the end. Once the economy collapses there will be martial law and the welfare checks stop. Dictatorship is inevitable”.

“Why do people vote for that?”

“Greed, avarice, jealousy that someone might have more than they do, or promises of free things, claims of caring more than the opposition, demonizing the opposition” he remarked “Remember they infest the schools, courts and media before they take over completely, they have years and years of brainwashing to do.”

“Now they are here” the younger man replied with eyes wide.

“Yes. They have landed and they have applied for jobs at schools, colleges, media and whatever else. It is the same pattern”

“What can we do about it?” he asked, when he didn’t get a reaction after a moment he spoke louder “After all this time and study, what conclusions have you reached? How do we deal with them?”

“I can only conclude that we have to kill them” he answered “It is a good thing we are all armed on this planet”.