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Is Someday, Today?
« on: April 18, 2010, 01:26:28 AM »
This cannot be real, this cannot be happening. Not in this country, its not supposed to be able to happen to us.

I always envisioned it would be like from a movie, or from a third world country. A newly sworn in leader becomes a strongman and then a ruthless dictator whose economic illiteracy impoverishes the country. Like Zimbabwe or a hundred others.

Or like the movie The Manchurian Candidate.

The Chinese didn't brainwash us. We brainwashed ourselves.

We brainwashed ourselves into thinking we can tax and spend our way into never-ending prosperity even as all signs show just the opposite. Where "hope and change" means even more of the same but faster. Drive that train off the cliff faster!

I look around and I see that people still don't get it. They really think the government is going to fix everything, make it all better.

It's the government thats got us to this point.

We have always bemoaned "they" owned the schools and the media and now they control the entire government. Before the last election dissent was patriotic now its "un-American" according to the Speaker of the House and even dangerous, even if those being beaten are the opposition.

In California they are building fake runways and control towers and waiting for the sky fathers to relieve them of their debt, even as the state government goes deeper and deeper into debt and the state workers refuse to take even a small paycut or reduce their pensions. Even the tiniest tuition hikes at state colleges bring on mini-riots from the entitlement zombies.

The people of California have absolutely no care in the world on how it all gets paid for, they just demand that it does get paid for- by someone else. The Cargo Cult state already has quacks "prescribing" pot to kids and anyone else who can find a shaman and slip them a twenty. It's like some bizarro universe where we are literally seeing people devolve into lower forms of civilization.

We once worried about California becoming a 2nd or 3rd world state, now we have to wonder how long it will be before its an official barbarian kingdom. It already has tribal lines being built and if you are pale face, you might want to move away from the big cities and away from the southern area.

If the skyfather doesn't intervene (oh he likely will) or later when the checks stop coming (skyfather will go broke too sometime) then all bets are off. The entitlement zombies will burn down neighborhoods and look for people to blame.

You have to wonder who will stop getting checks first. There is a definite pecking order among the entitled. The unionized state employees seem right at the top but they're pension is also the biggest expense, mainly because the pension funds are pretty much broke.

When state spending gets cut, what is thrown away first? Do you open the prison gates or gut funding to gay libraries and ethnic community centers? Well, obviously the prisons have to go.

State employees vs medicaid or food stamps?

After whitey gets his, the browns and blacks will go to war with each other. Wonder how long the asians and muslims will last when it gets to this point?

The longer we wait to make the necessary changes, spending cuts, the harder and crueler the results will be. What if we could prevent a WW2 by conducting a Spanish-American War? Wouldn't that be worth it?

Has anyone not heard about Zimbabwe? Why are the people elected to run this country trying to follow all the wrong precedents? Lets emulate the failed RomneyCare on a national level, yay. Lets tax our businesses to death and give tax cuts to foreigners who buy American businesses. Lets spend massive amounts of money on choo-choo trains and shut down the space program. Lets subsidies some businesses so they can have an advantage and put others out of business, then when the money runs out... who knows.

We all know the money never runs out. Right?...

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Re: Is Someday, Today?
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