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Illinois Poison Control Center
« on: April 10, 2010, 02:59:43 PM »
Finally... a blog that might save your life.

A 34 year old man took some pills from his roommate, thinking they were Valium. Turns out they were diabetes medication; the patient is now comatose and having seizures because his blood sugar is so low.

A grandparent called because she gave her grandson his heart medication approximately 90 minutes too soon. He is supposed to get it every 12 hours.

A caller ate a sandwich with lunchmeat and only after eating it, realized the meat expired 7 months ago.

A mother called because she accidentally gave her 2 year old 5ml of liquid methadone, having mistaken it for ibuprofen suspension.

A 38 year old woman got out of the shower and did not have her glasses on.  She reached for her aerosol spray deodorant but instead used Scrubbing Bubbles.

A 36 year old woman called to ask if over the counter cough syrup could be causing her blurry vision. (h/t)
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