Author Topic: Radical Dem Greed Doomed "healthcare"  (Read 874 times)

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Radical Dem Greed Doomed "healthcare"
« on: January 31, 2010, 12:59:07 PM »

The Democrats could have easily passed a healthcare long ago if they would have been so radical as to think they could pass their current plan. It did not need to be 2,500 or whatever pages it has grown into. It did not need to be so huge. It did not need to aim at a government take-over of the healthcare industry.

They could have filed a 100 page bill with portability from state to state, allowing people to buy their insurance from any state in the country. It could have even made some of the dumber state mandates optional, why does a young single man need maternity coverage?

If they threw in some malpractice tort reform it would have even gotten some GOP support.

Then they could have taxed the high-cost health insurance plans without raising such a fuss and spent the money giving the poor and unemployed health insurance VOUCHERS.

It would have gotten 60 to 64 votes in the Senate easily.

But no. The leftists had to ram a bill that would force EVERYONE to pay a monthly fee to pay for abortion. An attempt at a radical dream of making every America culpable for murdering babies by the thousand. To destroy private healthcare and private insurance with government healthcare over several years, something in their socialist dreams.

They could have easily extended healthcare to the poor but they got greedy, they got Marxian stars in their eyes and went nuts with it.

That is why they have been failing, they is why they MUST fail.