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Global Incident Map

Recent Activity
2009-11-13    Bradley International Airport, CT    Police Investigate Bomb Threat At Bradley International Airport
2009-11-16    Boston, MA    Pilot Diverts Flight - Has Passenger Arrested
2009-11-09    New York, NY    Suspicious Powder Sent To UN Missions
2009-11-09    New York, NY    French Embassy Receives Suspicious Powder Letter
2009-11-09   New York, NY    Austrian Embassy Receives Suspicious Powder Letter
2009-11-09    New York, NY    Uzbekistans Consulate Receives Suspicious Powder Letter
2009-11-10    Ocean County, NJ    Suspicious Powder At Ocean County Courthouse - False Alarm
2009-11-11    Manhattan, NY    Russian Mission Receives Suspicious Powder Letter
2009-11-11   Midland County, TX    HazMat Responds To Suspicious Powder At Univision TV Station
2009-11-12   Rahway, NJ    Suspicious powder is found on NJ Transit train at Rahway stop
2009-11-11 00:00:00    New York City, NY    Suspicious Package A False Alarm At Belarus Office
2009-11-14 00:00:00    Ellis Island, NJ    Mysterious Powder Scare At Ellis Island

They have other maps showing Amber Alerts, gang activity, and pandemic information here:
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