Author Topic: Sympathy For The Devil, As Usual…  (Read 833 times)

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Sympathy For The Devil, As Usual…
« on: November 17, 2009, 06:06:08 AM »
The ‘Guardian’ takes out an onion for convicted killer Danielle Simpson, who has dropped his appeals against the death penalty:

    Simpson is brought to the steel visiting cage in manacles. After the door is bolted, he bends and forces his hands backwards through a slot for the guard to unlock the cuffs. Between us is the thick glass that has kept him from any physical contact with the world beyond death row for nine years.

Oh, dear. I can feel myself welling up already…

    He is dressed in the thin white cotton uniform of the condemned man. He has a closely cropped beard, a soft voice and a gentle manner…

And what does this man think about his predicament? Is he reflective of the actions that have lead him here?

Is he, hell:

    "This Texas system is sick. They treat us less than the human beings that we are and it's like, instead of them trying to see us as being a human being, they look at us as being an animal," he said. "It's torture here. I am surrounded by the dying culture. I lost so many friends, I'm pretty much used to it now. This is a bloodthirsty system. We don't have contact with no one. There's so much violence and abuse. It's officers attacking the inmates. That's wrong and they're getting away with it. Anything would be better than being here."

Let’s take a look at why this waste of oxygen is on death row, shall we?

    On 26 January 2000 he led his 17-year-old wife, younger teenage brother and a 13-year-old cousin on a burglary in Palestine, Texas, to find money to buy crack cocaine. Geraldine Davidson, 84, a former schoolteacher, returned home and interrupted the robbery. She was bound and gagged with tape and forced into the boot of her car.

    The group drove around town for several hours with the elderly woman trapped in the back, stopping for hamburgers and showing her to acquaintances, none of whom called the police.

    The trial heard that Simpson made racist remarks about white people while Davidson was held prisoner.

    There was evidence that she was badly beaten. Eventually she was dragged from the boot, a cinder block was tied to her ankles and she was thrown into the frigid Neches river.

You’d have to have a heart of stone not to want to pull the switch yourself…

I can heartily recommend JuliaM's blog Ambush Predator. She is an entertaining critic of liberal foolishness.