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corn chowder
« on: October 05, 2009, 07:25:57 AM »
It is that time to be thinking of comfort food, stews, soups and chowder.

Biskets pipping hot covered with real butter, corn bread and pan cakes.

Our winters are mild here in this age, back as a kid when they were much worse my family reversed meals.

Breakfast was what people have for dinner and dinner became breakfast.

I have set about to find the best corn chowder ever made.  Simple stuff with no seafood or hot spices.

I found a recipe for corn chowder that has no meat, just corn, potatoes onions, soy Bacon bits, celery and a few spices.  I cooked it up yesterday and refrigerated it over night. Placed it in a crock pot for a few hours.  An hour before it is done I will add Half/Half  and a bit of butter.

At this point the crockpot ingredients smells very sweet but it has to be the natural sugar  from the corn.

Most recipes call for Bacon or the fat but with using Half/ Half I chose the soy product.

I would enjoy other recipes from other parts of the country, my MOM makes corn chowder with 2 cans of creamed corn some milk  a bit of Bacon and a potato.- YUCK.