Author Topic: Police Submit 25 Felony Charges Against Unique Performance Executives  (Read 1185 times)

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Police Submit 25 Felony Charges Against Unique Performance Executives

Another development in the Unique Performance drama, as CBS-11 is reporting that the Farmers Branch PD has finished their investigation and submitted 25 felony charges against Unique Performance to the Dallas County District Attorney. The nature of these charges aren't clear, but they likely have to do with fraud and title washing. We've also learned that the U.S. Secret Service has three suspects. What this all means below the jump.

There have been a lot of claims made back and forth, including the recent news about Unique Performance using prison labor to possibly replace valid VIN numbers. It's unclear what the 25 charges are, but the DA is going to have to determine what is worth taking to a grand jury (though grand juries have a habit of voting in the affirmative) and what's worth starting a case over.

We can debate whether using 13 gallons of Bondo, Taiwanese parts and prison labor is a normal or abnormal practice when building $200,000 cars, but there has to be legal merit to the case. Where this case may have merit is that, in addition to taking people's money and not delivering cars, certain promises or advertisements were likely made about the quality and hand-built nature of the cars. If that's the case, and we assume it is since people forked over all that dough, the DA might have an easy way of proving fraud and deceptive business practices. The prison labor and suspected title washing is a bonus, as there's likely a trail of evidence if it turns out that what they did was in violation of existing Texas laws


CBS 11 story with video
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