Author Topic: Kansas City Royals on the way back up; trounce the Minnesota Twins  (Read 575 times)

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Good news.

Lowly Royals make fools out of Twins

A season that began with great hope for the Kansas City Royals unraveled quickly this year, with injuries playing the key role and misguided fanciful expectations filling in the rest.

These Royals don't hit much a lot of the time, though they did give Nick Blackburn a pretty steady whacking around on Monday night. He dug himself out of several tough spots early, but got a much-deserved bulldozing in the sixth inning.

Blackburn, who has been the Twins' best pitcher for much of the season - better than Kevin Slowey despite the latter's gaudy record - was probably due for a letdown.

Giving up three runs in six innings isn't a huge deal either unless a dude named Luke Hochevar, with an ERA a mite under a hundred, decides to make the Twins look like fools.

Though the starting pitchers are now in fine form most nights, the Twins continue to muddle. It's as if this outfit is so perfectly set up to finish at .500 that it makes a self-correction every two days or so to make sure the bead never gets too far off that 81-81 target.

The Twins have been a team of underwhelming highs and lukewarm lows so far this year. With a consistency that seems almost purposeful, they keep cranking out so-so baseball.....
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Re: Kansas City Royals on the way back up; trounce the Minnesota Twins
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2009, 06:42:25 AM »
10 games below .500, fourth place in the Central, 9 1/2 games out of first.

Sorry if I don't share your enthusiasm.
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